10 Tips To Get More Energy in Your Life

Energy. We all want more of it, don’t we?

Well, I’m always talking to people about their lifestyle, the choices they make and how small changes in their diet can have a significant affect on their weight loss goals and to get to the place where they feel happier and more confident with their body shape.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

There are two main “issues” that most people lack when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle: time and energy. Now, time is debatable and I’ve written (and spoken) on a few different occasions about why we don’t actually manage our time.

So, onto the second one: energy. How do we boost how energetic you feel each and every day?

What changes to your lifestyle (and habits) can you make that are going to take little effort and time from your daily life, but have a significant impact on your energy?

Let’s find out.


1. Sun Lamp

When you’re ready to wake up in the morning your sun lamp will switch on (at a pre-set time) and it slowly helps you wake up by getting brighter and brighter over a period of time.

What this does is encourage your body to produce the hormone cortisol at a slow rate to bring you up and out of your sleep slowly, as opposed to jolting you out of your sleep like you would have with your alarm clock going off.

This will help you wake up in a more pleasant way and you’ll feel more refreshed.

Sun lamps vary in price from £50-£150, so there’s a wide enough choice. There is a ton of choice on Amazon too, but just ensure you get one with an alarm built into it so that it actually has the ability to gradually come on and isn’t one of those to help with a deficiency in D3.


2. Flouride-free Toothpaste

Flouride toothpaste is recommended by dentists, but it isn’t all that good for your organs (especially your thyroid) and your brain.

I use an aloe vera toothpaste. The thing is that your mouth is a very absorbable place: when you put anything in there it’s your body’s first place to absorb things and it does a pretty good job of it too.

This is an easy switch too. Every one is going to be brushing their teeth twice a day (or at least I hope they are) and it’s simply switching one toothpaste for another.

Some of them do taste bad, but there are a handful that taste a lot better. (Look at the reviews for how something tastes before buying.)

3. Water Filter

Bottled water is pricey and it’s damaging to the environment with all of the plastic that’s produced with disposable bottles.

What’s the next best thing to getting clean water? Using a water filter.

Now, getting an industrial strength one is going to be the best solution, but they will usually go over budget. The better solution? Get a Brita water filter. You can get one for around a tenner and it’ll filter out most of the crap from the water.

I know some clients who’ve told me that their water out of the tap (in the local Lancashire area) smelled a little chloriney (chlorine is added to our water by North West water authorities). Using the filter will help filter out any impurities and make the water cleaner to drink.

The great thing about Brita water filters too is that they often come in jugs. This means filling them up, pouring yourself a glass of water and having it there as a reminder to drink more water is pretty easy.


4. Use Organic Tea and Coffee

Most of us like a tea and/or coffee throughout the day. I love coffee (if you haven’t guessed already).

Lots of Brits consume the stuff daily, but there’s an issue. Tea leaves and coffee beans are the most heavily sprayed crops on the planet.

So, that means when you consume them that you’re putting all of those pesticides and the like into your body when you consume them. They might be trace elements, but over time you’ll build up quite an amount that are floating around your body.

The solution? Switch to an organic version.

There are lots out there that might not be your usual brand, but for someone who does drink quite a bit of coffee I’ve found a few that taste really good. And it’s not really going to be that much more expensive.

Again, it’s a simple swap. But this time it’s swapping one thing in your life that has a lot of pesticides with one that has a lot less in it.

5. Himalayan Salt

This product is sooo beneficial.

In the video above, I show you a Himalayan salt lamp that we have in the office at Brockhall Village (where I’m filming the video for Body Masters Coaching).

Want to see some of the benefits of Himalayan salts? See this page or this one.

You can have it as a lamp, put it in your water (to increase your hydration: by helping your body absorb the water), it helps improve blood pressure, and it helps you lose weight.

You can also put it in your bath to help draw out impurities from your body, but the salts in tip 6 will be better.

6. Epsom Salts

These are a great form of absorbable magnesium that you can put into a bath and it will help to pull out the toxins in your body.

In the body, a lot of toxins are stored in fat cells. So, if you draw out more toxins from your body then that means less fat being stored on your belly, hips, thighs and arms. A good soak once in a while will help you shape your body to the one you really want.

When you’re having a bath (great when you have a bout of DOMS [achy muscles]), put a handful of Epsom salts in the bath to help your body banish some of the toxins it’s been building up.

As for price, you can get a huge bag of them for next to nothing. So, it isn’t really going to cost you much and it’s going to give you a lot of benefit and make you feel a heap load better.

7. Blackout Blinds

Basically, these block out all of the light from your window and make your bedroom lovely and dark for you to sleep at night.

This is important no matter where you live (even if you’re in the country where you’ll only get moon light [it’s still light that you don’t want getting to your body]).


Because your skin is covered in light sensitive receptors and if they sense that there’s light in the room then your body will want to produce low-level cortisol all night long.

This is bad.

Cortisol is the stress hormone and having it being produced when you’re asleep (and your body is making its repairs) is not a good thing.

Cortisol is beneficial when you’re at the gym or you need to activate your fight or flight responses, but not when you should be relaxing and entering multiple stages of REM after producing melatonin like your body wants.

Melatonin is your sleep hormone and blackout blinds help your body to get a grip on what it should be producing at the right time.

One quick method to seeing if you need blackout blinds is to see if you can see the outline of your window when you’re in bed tonight. If you see the outline (and can see some light coming through) then it’s too light and you definitely need blackout blinds.

Blackout blinds will help improve your sleep.

(And no, you don’t have to replace your curtains. There are a lot of different solutions you can find online that offer actual blackout blinds. As an alternative though you could have your bedroom curtains relined with some blackout material.)


8. An EMF Blocker

Nowadays, we’re constantly bombarded by electromagnetic fields (from computers, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, WiFi, etc).

I wear a tesla disc and I have done for years.

What this does is magnify your own electromagnetic field so that when you come into contact with other EMF fields you’ll have some protection against that EMF radiation and they won’t have the same level of negative impact on your system as they would do normally.

When I first started wearing mine I noticed that my energy levels went up.

9. A Reminder Band

If you’re like a lot of people and you need to complete certain tasks every day but you forget then a reminder band can help you immensely.

It helps to have a visual reminder for something that you’re supposed to do throughout the day.

For example, I wear mine to remind me to do certain things at certain times every day. It works by attaching memories to the reminder bands and then looking at them to remind yourself to do something.

Reminders are nothing new. People write notes to remind themselves about something later; sometimes this is on their hand or in the notes section on their phone. Maybe you do too.

Some clients choose to use theirs to instill in their minds that they should drink more water.

It’s all about repetition and actually cementing a good habit into your life that will give you a whole load of benefit. Have a go.


10. Supplement Box

Everyone who knows me knows that I believe in taking certain supplements to give us all the most benefit. There are a number of “core” supplements that I recommend taking.

For your supplements it’s best to have a box.


Well, most people forget when to take them or just don’t take them while they’re away on business or on holiday. No one wants to bung a load of supplement bottles in your bag, but a supplement box? That’s easy to include.

Also, it puts you in control of your supplementation.


My Ten Energy Boosting Tips

There you go. My ten energy boosting tips that are simple to change in your life but ones that will have a massive impact on your progress and energy levels. They’ll probably help boost your motivation too.

You don’t have to do all ten. Choose one or two to do now and then come back to the others later.


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