7 Reasons Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

women doing glute extensions with barbells in a gym

People usually workout and go to the gym (or fitness classes) because they want to feel fitter and more confident about their body shape.

If you want immediate results and to burn fat fast then you might be thinking a few workout cardio workout sessions a week is the answer. We’d argue against that thought.

There are a lot of different studies that lifting weight can help you burn more calories for longer by toning your muscles over any type of cardio. And if you’re a woman and wanting to look slimmer and more toned then you should also be lifting weights.

Here are seven reasons why lifting weights is the way to go.

1. Everyday tasks will become easier

Whatever you do in your daily life you will need to move. By lifting weights you train your muscles to be stronger and able to do things in your day-to-day life easily. Carrying heavy shopping bags? Need to walk up the stairs? Want to play with your kids/ grandkids? Done.

Lifting weights can literally give you your life back.

2. Reduce lower back pain

We’ve got quite a lot of feedback from current personal training clients on our testimonials page and most will tell you that lifting weights have helped to lower (and most times eliminate) their back pain.

Common causes of lower back pain are weak or tight muscles, so including an adequate amount of stretching into a person’s fitness regime and helping to strengthen their lower back muscles by lifting weight with the correct form will have a positive impact.

For some, this means doing squats, lunges, back exercises and overall mid-section and legs exercises: strengthening the leg muscles, glutes, back and core to provide a stable core area.

3. You burn more calories for longer

When you’re in your workout session and lifting weights, microscopic tears form in your muscles. This tearing pulls apart some of the muscle that results in it rebuilding and growing in size: ready to be torn again in the next session.

This tearing is normal and is why you might get some muscle soreness after working out (it’s your muscles rebuilding and repairing). Think about when you go for a walk and you haven’t been in a while: your leg muscles will hurt afterwards and this the same thing that happens.

Because the body is working hard to repair this muscle for the next time you lift weights, it burns through calories for a long time after you’ve finished working out.

4. It helps sculpt your new body shape

Lifting weights will help you build muscles. Together with a balanced diet and the right amount of calories consumed that matches your chosen goal, you can tone your body shape to the one you desire.

A common misconception by a lot of women is that they’ll become big and bulky if they lift weights in the gym. This just isn’t true. To look slim, toned and sexy, we believe lifting weights is a must: it’s seen as the best way to tighten skin in all of those saggy, hard to reach places that you want to be firmer.

5. It helps to reduce blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure (hypertension), are in the early stages of per-hypertension or have a history of it in your family then lifting weights will help.

Whether it’s cardio or strength training, you will raise your heart rate and help your cardiovascular system improve. Notice that your heart rate becomes elevated in a similar way when you’re doing strength training or cardio.

Lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels is important. It would be too much to go into in this blog post, but lowering both of these can be achieved by taking regular exercise to lose weight (and an effective way to do this is to lift weights in the gym).

6. It will help to reduce stress levels

When we lift weights, we flood our brains with endorphins. These give you the feel-good factor, improve your mood and release tension. You might have felt the ‘high’ from working out well into the evening after your fitness session.

Getting regular exercise alongside a healthy, well-balanced diet and adequate sleep can help you balance the hormones and chemicals in your body.

7. It helps in sports performance

If you play any sports then you usually need endurance. Lots of times, individuals can’t beat their opponents because they’re not fast enough or strong enough. Lifting weights and becoming stronger can help them achieve this.

Also, if you’re playing a slower sport like cricket or golf then it can help you drive further or hit the ball further. Lessening the amount of niggles and injuries (or back pain) you pick up during the game will likely not appear if you’re concentrating on strengthening all of the muscles in your body.

Want some help?

If you aren’t too sure what how to lift weights safely and correctly in the gym, and so not cause yourself an injury, then why not seek out the instruction of a local personal trainer. We can help you ensure you lift the weights with the correct form and strengthen your muscles in the best way.

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