How To Do Abdominal Crunches on A Swiss Ball

How do you do ball crunches? In the video below I take you why and how abdominal exercises on the Swiss ball will help your abs, but a common misconception is that doing this type of exercise helps you to get a flat stomach; it doesn’t.

I also advise you how to select the best sized ball for your height. It isn’t just about heading off to Argos and buying a rubber exercise ball. You need to be consciously aware of how tall (or short) you are and then choose the correct size according to your body. (Something that I have highlighted many times over the years: it’s all about you and your body, not about other people or what is ‘common’.)

If you’re 5ft5″ and taller then you should use a 55cm ball. If you’re above 6ft then you should use the 75cm ball.

When you actually perform the exercise, you should ensure that your back is stretched over the ball. This will also mean that your abs stretch too, which is what you want them to do. It’s important with this exercise, as with all others, that you breath in before the exertion and then breath out on exerting the exercise (meaning at the point where you are training your muscles). This means that as you come up and you are working out your abs you will breath out.

Also, be careful about your head and chin placement. You will see a lot of people in the gym doing this type of exercise all wrong. Don’t depress your chin or stretch your neck; you should be able to control the weight of your head when doing this. If you find that you’re unable to keep your head in the correct position then you should think about strengthening your neck muscles.


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