How To Change Your Mindset and Reach Your Goals


You’ve no doubt heard about this fitness company about (maybe you think of them as an apparel company, some do). They’re called Nike and their slogan is Just Do It. They’re the one with the swoosh logo.

I want to take that phrase and put it into motivation and determination.

Your Main Goal

It doesn’t matter what your goal is with health, fitness and well being. Maybe you want to lose some weight and feel confident and happy when you look in the mirror. Everyone is different.

Nike’s slogan can be taken in the context of anything health related: exercise, diet or achieving your goals. Basically, anything that sets you in a position where you want to get something done.

A know a lot of personal trainers and fitness coaches don’t tend to talk a lot about mindset and the way we think. Maybe because they haven’t had time to sit down, think, and study about what motivates us to do things and why some of us give up at the earliest opportunity.

We Give Ourselves Excuses

We give ourselves excuses or alibis for not completing something or moving it to “next week” in the hope that the elephant isn’t too big to eat all in one go (you know about “eating” a large problem, right? You eat it one bite at a time).

Well, it’s the same with how your mind works and your motivation levels. You take smaller steps to get you on the road to where you want to be. You can take bigger steps later.

How can this be taken in the context of fitness and motivation then?

Let’s take an example:

You’ve been a bit lazy over the past few weeks or months and you haven’t had much of any concentrated exercise. You might have been out for a walk or two, but you just haven’t had that focus.

The main thought from Just Do It is to, well, just do something. Go to the gym for 20-30 minutes instead of one hour. But, make sure you take that step.

We Overanalyse Everything

We live in a society where we overanalyse everything

Lots of us do it all the time. We overanalyse everything.

And that’s a problem. When you do that it takes you down the path of negativity and your motivation dips.


How Some People Think

Going to the gym: “If I’m going to the gym, should I do arms or legs or both, or just cardio?”

Diet: “Should I go low carb or should I go high fat or should I go high protein?”

Joining a club: “I’m gona join this club. It’ll help me with my motivation. Which club should I join? Do I join Weight Watchers or Slimming World?”

And the main answer to this?

It does not matter.


Just do it.

Just do something.

Whatever way you think. Choose an option and get to it. It doesn’t matter.


It Comes From Fear

Scared you might make a mistake or look like an idiot or it won’t work or “x”?

It doesn’t matter. You can always change the choice you made. That part is easy.

When you’re thinking about what to do that’s when you’re moving backwards and negativity is setting in (in your thoughts and actions).

The part to concentrate is just do something. Something that will get you one step further to your main goal.

And, worry about whether it’s working or not when you’re actually doing it.

It doesn’t matter what you do when you get to the gym, just get to the gym and do a workout. You’ll feel better for it.

The hardest thing about going to the gym is going to the gym.

Get to the gym, get on with your workout and start simple.


Start With Simple Steps

Want to start a new diet or go low carb? Start easy. Start simple. Don’t over complicate it. Don’t over analyse it. Just Do It.

And, make it easy. If it’s easier to do then you’re going to do it. Then, once you’ve accomplished one step, you can make things more of a challenge to do. If it’s easy at the start then you’re more likely to stick to things.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and people who are happy with their body shapes haven’t woken up one morning looking like that. They’ve been at it for months and years.

How does this help?

When you take small steps and you accomplish something you feel good. The more you feel good, the more you want to do it, and then everything becomes a habit.

It isn’t a stress to avoid some potatoes and bread, and go to the gym for 30 minutes a few times a week.

When you make it overly complicated and too hard you won’t get the results you want and that will allow negativity to set in. So, Just Do It!

Need Some Motivational Help?

If you’re struggling with motivation and you want some help and guidance when it comes to fitness and your health then get in touch with us and we can have a talk about how to move you forward.

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