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You workout at the gym, but are you really sure you’re getting the maximum out of your training? Below we share a few exercise tips and truths with you, to shed those myths and get you on track to get the most out of your exercise regime.

  1. fitness trainer balancing on a stability ballFor weight/ fat loss, you should mix both cardio and weight training sessions into your exercise regime – don’t just focus on one of them as this can seriously hamper your training goals.
  2. Eat a high protein meal for breakfast and keep carbs moderate in the evening. Remember that night time is when your body heals itself, so if you don’t give your body what it needs then it can’t do the job you want it to.
  3. Get to bed as close to dusk as possible. Your body releases a lot of hormones at night time including melatonin, which is essential for growth, repair and fat loss. However, it’s only released fully if you’re not exposing yourself to excess light (so turn the TV off).
  4. When exercising, your routine should change every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your body adapting and improving.
  5. Drink a pint of water as soon as you get up; this will crank up your digestive acids and allow you to effectively absorb your breakfast.
  6. If you’re not hungry when you first wake up then you probably had too many carbs before you went to bed.
  7. If it hurts when you train (or after you’ve finished) then you’re probably doing something wrong; so, get some advice from a qualified trainer.
  8. Follow the right diet plan for your body; we’re not all the same and therefore we all need different fuel ratios.
  9. Combine total body, multi-directional and single movement exercises into your workout, by using free motion exercises and exercise equipment.
  10. Don’t waist your time using static gym machinery, it’s single plane movement and will weaken the smaller muscle groups in your body, which will negatively affect your posture (both static and dynamic).
  11. Train bigger muscles then smaller muscle groups within the same workout; or workout smaller muscle groups on different days altogether.
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