The Truth About Fat/ Weight Loss

Daniel shares the truths about shedding excess fat

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Why do people struggle to lose weight (body fat)?

It’s not that hard! Or is it?

Surely, as so many of the weight loss gurus say, “it’s simply a matter of burning more calories than you consume.” Well, that’s a load of rubbish!

The fact is, IT IS HARD! And its not that simple or everyone would be skinny and healthy! And I’m the first one to admit it: out of all the clients I’ve seen over the last 10 years I can count on my left hand the amount of clients who were perfectly happy with the amount of body fat they were carrying!

Everyone in today’s society wants to lose a bit of fat; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a little or a lot, they want to lose fat. They are all looking for the secret to weight loss, but the truth is there is no special secret to losing weight that will work for everyone. But, there are several things you can do to help yourself get to your ideal weight quicker.

The biggest problem: there is some much junk information out there that people don’t know what to do or what works and what doesn’t. I was to go through these things then I could literally fill a magazine with information about what to do and not to do, which would just blow your mind and you’d be no better off. So I’m just going to hit you with the big things that will give you the most benefit and if you have any questions then feel fee to contact me.

First: fat is not the enemy. It’s been helping the human race to survive before we even had a race; it provides you with numerous benefits, including allowing you to absorb essential vitamins and minerals to help your body, as well as proteins for muscle repair.

Second: check how much protein you’re eating a day. In over ten years, I have not encountered a single individual who has been eating the correct amount of protein for their body; that includes the body builders too! You need protein in order to absorb carbohydrates and to repair muscle and organs within your body. The chances are that you are protein deficient. However, you should also check the quality of the meat you consume, as if you’re using the local supermarket’s own label meat then the chances are it won’t be of good quality. So, you should get your meat from a good, local butcher.

Third: watch out for carbohydrates. This is where most people go wrong; they eat way too many of them, the wrong types, and at the wrong time. Most people who walk into the studio don’t even know what carbohydrates are nor what foods they are in: did you know that all salad items contain carbs? All fruit, vegetables, grains (including bread, rice, pasta, and all cereals) have it, and even the supposed healthy ones are not that good for you. Also, alcohol, sugar, and soft drinks (including cordial) have carbohydrates in them. Shocking isn’t it? But what is more shocking is that any carbohydrates you consume that aren’t used by your body will be converted and stored as fat within your body.

Fourth: counting calories DOES NOT WORK! Otherwise, I could eat 4,000 kcals a day of sugar and not put fat on. You need to establish how much carbohydrate you need in relation to protein – this is essential. Metabolic typing is one of the ways to learn about this but it’s not the only one.

Fifth: Do some resistance training. The human body is designed to lift weights; they make you stronger, burn more calories, you will feel better, and doing so will give you better posture (when done correctly).

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Get rock-hard abs like Dan

I eat 4,000 kcals a day mostly from fats and protein, which doesn’t mean I can eat the same amount of calories in sugar and maintain a lean muscular physique. I practice what I preach, which is why I look the way I do!

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