Five Calorie Boosting Tips

Interested in boosting your calorie burn and actually feeling slimmer and healthier?

Here’s a video where I share five different calorie burning tips to get you moving more with minimal effort, and at the same time having maximum impact on your weight and fat loss goals.

In the video, I explain about a few things. If you’re more of a reader then here’s what I speak about.


Tip 1 – Park Further Away At Work

If you drive to work every day, like a lot of us do, then consider taking a parking space further away from where you’ve been parking recently. This means that you’ll have to walk further every single day and for the fact that walking helps burn calories.

If you’re in a sedentary line of work then you definitely need this. Being sat down all day at the desk/computer isn’t great for the amount of calories you burn and what you can achieve with your weight and fat loss goals.

Every little bit of help to burn the fuel in your body by parking further away from work will help you on a daily basis. It might only seem like a bit, but burning fat is a little like compound interest: over a longer period of time it all adds up.

Say you do an extra 5 minutes walking in the morning when you’re going to work and then an extra five minutes when you return at night then you’ll clock up nearly an extra hour of walking every week for a few spates of five minutes here or there.

Not bad if you’re looking to get the body shape you’ve always wanted in life.


Tip 2 – Park Further Away At The Supermarket

This is similar to the above tip in that it involves parking further away from your destination.

When you go to the supermarket, whether Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s or wherever, park the furthest away from the entrance as you can.

This will ensure you get a good two and a half-minute walk in either direction and it’ll add to your overall walking time dedicated to burning through your daily and weekly calories in a effort to shift the weight.

And, if you have bags to grocery bags to carry then that’s going to increase the overall energy needed to get you from inside the supermarket to your car, and it’ll increase your calorie burn too because your legs will be working a bit harder.


Tip 3 – Every Hour Take A Five-Minute Walk

This is especially good if your work is mainly sedentary (in an office or at a desk).

Everyone is usually entitled to a cigarette break, so even if you don’t smoke you can nip out for five minutes and go for a quick walk. This not only helps you become more active but it helps your circulation work more effectively.

And, if you think about it: if your lungs and circulation work more effectively then they’ll find it easier to carry nutrients around your body and, importantly, to your brain.

So, taking these five-minute walks will help you focus more whilst at work. Become more productive and enjoy the increased amount of energy that it gives you.


Tip 4 – Add A Walk To Your Morning Routine

After you wake up in the morning and before you do all of your usual activities like get your breakfast (which should be the best breakfast to help you lose weight) and shower etc, go for a walk. It will give your body an early morning boost to get your body into active mode.

Even if you don’t have time for a walk, doing 5 minutes jogging on the spot can be an ideal way to start you day and get moving to burn some extra calories.

So, get active in the morning when you’re doing your morning routine. You’ll notice a little bit of extra energy in your day when you do this.


Tip 5 – After Work Do a Little Exercise

A lot of people get home from work and plonk themselves on the sofa. Before you do that, and as soon as you get home, you should do five minutes of exercise.

It could be jogging on the spot or doing a short workout session in your lounge.

You’ll find that later on you’ll feel more relaxed and want to go to bed, as well as feeling more energized throughout the day when you add this into the mix.

You’ve been at work all day meaning you’ve been stressed out and not been able to relax. This exercise will help you de-stress and relax.

But, don’t do this before bed. It just isn’t a great time, but before your evening meal is great.

Great tips from the leading personal trainers near Blackburn.

With all of the above they’re pockets of five minutes of extra exercise and before you know it you can have accrued an extra 20 minutes of exercise during the day.

What does this mean?

You’ll end up burning more calories and become slimmer in the long run.

Don’t forget to not put them back on by overeating though. Learn how much you should be eating and the types of foods you should be consuming by reading this post.

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