How To Get Fit For The Summer

Dare you bare?

It’s that time of year again when we pull on our shorts and swim suits.

Are you ready?

Or is the dream of wearing a monokini for the summer still a distant one?

At Masters Fitness there are more than a handful of people who want to get their body in shape for summer.

So, with that in mind we’ve put together a few tips to help save some time on your get fit schedule and also help shave an extra few percentage points of body fat.


Step 1 – Track Things

Keep a training and diet log. It’s not good enough to just think “I’ve had a good or bad day today”. You need to identify where you’re being good or bad, and how you can make even further improvements. There are loads of apps you can download; one that I like is my fitness pal. It’s not the best for setting personal goals but it’s great for keeping track of your nutrition.

You would be stunned just how far off you can be if you don’t record things.

We have a client who swore blind she was eating too much, but once she started to really track things we found that she actually wasn’t eating enough.


Step 2 – Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Raise your metabolic rate in any way you can.

If you can’t hit the gym or go for a walk then do your workout at home.

When you do this type of exercise make the intensity high and the rest periods short; this will massively increase your metabolic rate. You may have heard of a workout called insanity, and although I’m not a fan of some parts of the theories behind it, the structure of the sessions do make sense.

High intensity = high metabolic rate!


Step 3 – Stay Hydrated

If you’re in the minority then chances are you might just be getting enough water for your body. Most people do not, and water is very important for your body, well-being, and your fitness goals.

If you’re not drinking enough water then you cannot detox effectively. Detox is essential for fat loss and that’s why sweating is good for you!

If you thin that it’s just water coming out of your pores when your sweat then think again. All of that nastiness is exiting your body and won’t be coming back.


Step 4 – Sleep is Important

Get to bed on time and be asleep by 10pm, not in bed for 10 and sleeping for midnight.

You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV or sitting at the computer, so it helps to get some shut-eye time.

Sleeping also helps you to produce growth hormone. The single most important hormone for fat burning.

There you have four simple steps to help improve your body composition.

Are you doing all four as you should? If you’re not then take the time to focus on just one.

That alone will help.

  • Eat right
  • Train right
  • Sleep right

You will not just look okay, you will look (and feel) amazing!

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