How Do You Get Rid of Abdominal Fat?

Getting rid of your abdominal fat, whether you’re a guy or a girl, is the same. It’s not just about doing 300 situps every time you go to the gym: these really aren’t going to help you. So, what helps? How to you get that tummy trim and look great when you go out (or slap some lotion on and top your tan up on the beach)?

High Intensity Training (HIT for short) is the best way to burn down the excess stored beers and glasses of wine on your belly.



In the above video, I talk about the different things that might also have an effect on you losing the bulge. And the part about people being gluten intolerant links in with a post I will make in the future on the Cortisol Connection. I also make the point that cardio vascular exercises while boring as hell, don’t really do you a lot of good at burning away excess fat. It might feel as though it does as you’re out of breath all of the time, but it doesn’t. What cardio exercises do work? Short bursts where you use HIT to help your muscles burn and have that ‘good pain’ that I speak of so often.


Why Should You Do HIT Cardio Exercises?

The short answer is that they will help to raise your metabolic rate a lot longer than a slow, lazy attempt at a simpler cardio routine – the one that actually helps you shed the pounds – and you will build up speed, power and endurance. Especially if you do this cardio workout on a rower as I suggest in the video.

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