Ten Tips To Motivating Yourself At The Gym

woman and man training legs at local Ribble Valley gymRemove those barriers and become excited to workout


1) Make a playlist
It’s scientifically proven that listening to music whilst training can increase your drive and motivation. So, create a playlist that will keep you in the gym for longer and keep you going.

Think about what music motivates you and what you like to dance and sing to in the shower (yes lads, you too. We know you love it.), but keep in mind not to choose a playlist with the same beat length. You change your workout regime for reason and your playlist should change too.


2) Treat yourself
No, I don’t mean go and devour some cream cakes and chocolates, I mean gym gear. Go out and buy yourself some new gym clothes. How often do you see personal trainers in stuffy clothing? You don’t. You see them in well-maintained or new training gear.

When you wear clothes for the gym that fit you well and make you feel good, you’ll want to stay longer and your motivation will be higher. And when you look in the mirror and see your clothes a little baggy after a few months? You’ll be happy, and ready to get some tighter ones.


3) Take photos
Now, I’m not saying you go all mad and post tons of selfies to your instagram of you at the gym. That screams out needy. But, photos showing your progression will motivate you more than the pain you get from muscle soreness.

So, find the worst most recent picture of you and take a long look at it. Keep it in a safe place and take a new one (or get your friend to do one as you’ll probably go into ‘selfie mode’ and take your best side) every week or two. This will help to challenge you to look better.


4) Promise yourself 10 minutes
If after those ten short minutes into your workout you decide that you want to stop then you can. The worst case scenario is that you only did a workout for 10 minutes; be happy with yourself knowing that you pushed hard and that it’s longer than 5 minutes.

After those 10 minutes, though, you’ll probably find that you stay in the gym for the full 45-60 minutes and do a complete workout.


5) Get a training partner
It’s easy to let yourself down, but it’s harder to let someone else down. It’s joint motivation too: both of you will push each other and the boys will usually see a bit more competitiveness.

This person doesn’t have to be a trainer or fitness geek either, it can be a friend or someone you know from the gym. And yes, sometimes fitness coaches will train with one another too – we’re friendly people.


6) Get to know other members at Shapes
It’s easier to be motivated to go to the gym if you expect to see someone you know. And you never know, they may need some motivation too – future workout partner possibly.


7) Start your day with protein
If you eat carbs for breakfast then you’ll be left feeling sluggish throughout the day. This means you probably won’t feel like training, which is the wrong outcome.

By starting the day off with a protein-rich meal you’ll raise your brain drive neurotransmitters (dopamine and acetylcholine), which will fire you up for the day. Try it for a week and see the improvement in your motivation.


8) Record your progress
Have a plan, record your workouts, and write down all of your progress. When you look over things consistently and see that you’re making progress this will encourage you that little bit more and will keep you going.

Don’t underestimate this point. It has a massive impact on your positive state of mind.


9) Only weigh yourself once a week
Do this at the start of the day on a Monday, as it will motivate you to go to the gym at the weekend – this is when people slack off from working out, even when they have enough time to dedicate even half an hour to their fitness goals.


10) Change your routine regularly
Every 4–6 weeks, sit down and change your workout regime (or ask one of the Shapes Gym team) to keep things interesting. This will stop you getting bored: boredom will kill your gym motivation.

And interestingly, if you change up your workout then your muscles and body will thank you too: research shows that the body adapts to what you put it through.

Once a workout isn’t challenging to your system it gets bored, which means your body will stop getting the results you want from it. If it doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you!


And that’s it. Simple tips to encourage those visits to Masters Fitness Gym to be easier and make you feel better in the long-term.

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