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If you don’t use your gym membership then you might as well cancel it.

That’s why we have three levels: to help you take back control and really motivate yourself to sculpt your body shape to the one you’ve always wanted in life.

It’s your fitness and they’re your goals, so we’ll help to motivate and encourage you at every step of the way. Whether that’s when you’re in the gym, getting sweaty in one of the group exercise sessions, or in a coaching session with one of our personal trainers.

Gold membership is for individuals who have enough motivation not to need a PT every week, but just don’t have the knowledge to write a bespoke training program to get them to the body shape they want.

Here’s to you looking and feeling great.

Gym Membership Prices

We know you don’t want to be treated as another gym member, so we’ve put together some fantastic value monthly membership rates.
If you’re lacking in motivation (or you’re just not too sure) then choosing the Gold membership will help to sky-rocket your fitness levels.

£35(from) per month
  • All-access Gym
£99per month
  • All-access Gym
  • 1 PT/coaching session every month
  • Free attendance to monthly seminars
  • Connection through our PT app
  • Body Fat Assessment

See some of our online reviews for the gym.

Frequent Questions

When and how am I billed?

After paying a £50 joining fee, your monthly membership is automatically debited from your account by direct debit.

If you choose to pay the year in full then your joining fee is waived and we apply a further discount.

What are your opening hours?

Our boutique gym is open from 5am to 11pm every day. We have facial recognition software to allow you access to the gym at any time during these hours.

During our opening hours we have staffed and unstaffed hours. During staffed hours someone is there from the Masters Fitness team to help with any queries or questions. During unstaffed hours we are only a message away, but may take an hour or so to respond.

Are there other types of membership?

Yes. If you feel that you don’t fit into one of the above packages then get in touch.

We have a range of options for couples, families, students, daytime only members, and corporate clients. Above we’ve included the most popular ones that people choose.

What type of people are members?

We’re not a commercial gym nor are we the cheapest.

This means that we attract individuals, like you, from around the Ribble Valley, who are respectful and want a quiet and comfortable place to workout and work towards their fitness goals.

Boutique Gym Membership

Want the very best boutique gym membership that the Ribble Valley has to offer?

Our Gold membership level includes the help and guidance of a professional personal trainer who will meet with you once a month for a coaching session.

Why Choose Gold Membership?

Quite simply because it’s the best value gym membership in the local area.

If you’re looking to workout on your own in the gym, in your own time, but want the help and advice from an experienced fitness professional who writes a bespoke training session plan for the month then it’s right for you.

You also have the opportunity to come to any of the group exercise sessions that we have.

But, that’s not all. You also get access to our messaging app so that if you have any questions about your workout or nutrition then you can ask your fitness coach.

This takes your gym membership to the next level.

Tired of Not Progressing?

If you’re like most people then you’ve probably tried a whole host of ‘diets’ and fitness programmes out there, and whilst they’ve have some effect you don’t seem to have moved forward to a place where you’re comfortable with your body.

That’s a huge waste of time. And it’s time for change.

What’s the solution?

Having a boutique gym membership that gives you the ability to workout in the gym when you choose, brings you together with others in the same situation to take part in group exercise sessions, and the motivation you really need in a personal training session with your dedicated fitness coach.

That and the whole host of other things you get when you become a gold member.

This is for people who have the motivation to go to the gym but don’t have the knowledge to write a bespoke program to get their ideal body shape.

Ready to make that change today?

Want Real Change?

It’s quite easy to get a gym membership, have your induction and then set off in the gym. But, what happens if you really don’t know what you’re doing or you forget what exercises are the best ones for you?

And, what if you have a burning question and always forget to remember to ask when you’re at the gym?

That’s why we created our boutique gold membership.

You have access to our PT app, which has a whole load of different video exercises (if you want a reminder) as well as nutrition videos and coaching courses. This means you’ll be able to learn more about the best foods to eat and how to improve your motivation.

Through our PT app you also get the ability to message your personal trainer directly from your phone, so there’s no need to remember that burning question. Just a couple of taps on your phone and you’ll have the answer: puts you in control of your own fitness.

Why People Choose Gold

If you’re serious about changing your body shape and you want to sculpt your body shape faster then gold membership at Masters Fitness makes sense.

After all, once you sign up you receive all of this:

  • All-access to the gym
  • All-access to the group exercise sessions
  • 1 PT session every month
  • Monthly seminars
  • Body fat assessment
  • Access to our PT app

The motivation alone from being with your personal trainer each month and then from the group of people around you who will be in the fitness classes will encourage you to reach your goals.

And if you have enough self motivation then having the direction from a fitness professional about the best exercises for your body will help you see the rewards in no time.

Gold membership includes one PT session a month.

Ready for the boutique gym experience?