Why Happiness is Important For Motivation

A lot of the recent videos and blogs that myself and the rest of the team at Masters Personal Training have done are centred around the aspect of motivation and fitness.

And there’s the reason why: your level of motivation can hugely affect the speed at which you lose weight or build muscle, and get the body shape you want in life.

Keeping your motivation high is important.

And one big factor that affects motivation is your happiness.


People are generally more motivated when they are happy and that means more things get done.

If you’re just continuously stressing out your body and not taking any downtime then you need to have a re-think.

Lots of people work long hours, put in a ton of work and don’t take enough downtime, so it’s important to schedule things into your week that make you happy and allow you to disconnect.

This disconnecting can help you move forward.

Are you on a “diet” and eating food that you generally don’t like? Then it’s okay every once in a while to put something in your food that you might like. Just to give you that little boost.

If you’re working out all of the time and you’re not doing some of the exercises that you genuinely enjoy then you should do what you like every now and then.

Let’s take an example.

You’re a runner, but you’re on a strength conditioning program because you want to build some muscle and become stronger. There’s nothing more you like than getting out on the road and pounding away and releasing your mind.

It’s okay to go and do a little bit of running if it’ll make you happy. You won’t put a huge dent in your gym work (to boost your metabolism and burn through some calories). Going for that run is going to offset the stress you put your body through by lifting weights in the gym.


Lifestyle Factors

It’s important to put things in your life that you enjoy (as long as it’s in moderation).

It’s important to get to the point of where you want to be while enjoying the journey as much as you can: there’s no point absolutely hating every moment of it because that will not do anyone any good.

Or you get to where you want to be and you’re knackered, which isn’t a good place to be in.


Set aside time for things that make you happy


Enjoy doing art work?

Then do some.

Happiness and doing things that make you happy have a very powerful response within the body.

For me, I love exercise and training. But, I also love to unwind in front of the XBOX and playing on one of my favourite games. I can relax and forget about everything when I do that.


Don’t feel guilty about doing something that makes you happy.

This blog post (and the video above) might feel a little bit different to the usual “run of the mill” advice you see online and that’s true.

MPT isn’t just about health and fitness, we’re about lifestyle, health, wellness and well-being. Your mindset and motivation are just as important as putting time and effort into your personal training sessions.

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