The History … And The Future of Fat Loss


Once upon a time we all believed that dieting was the key to fat loss – calories in calories out – but sadly not!

Later, we believed it was running and aerobics that made us slimmer, but still with only limited results.

Then came the power plate, but even that didn’t work as well as we would have liked.

But now, thanks to the ingenuity of one of the best strength coaches on the planet, Charles Poliquin, there is Bio Signature – a revolutionary new way of looking at the body and what it requires.

Why do some diets work and others don’t? Why do some exercise programmes work and others don’t? The answer is found with the help of Bio Signature.

Charles Poliquin has trained over 400 multinational Olympians and written over 700 articles on exercise, fat loss and performance.

For most people their body shape is a way of life – it’s who they are and how they have always been, or they may have once been slim but they’ve piled on the pounds over the years.

However, what they or you may not be aware of is the reason why you store fat in various areas of your body! But how and why, you ask? It’s all down to your hormonal profile.

Many hormones run our bodily functions, but if you’re deficient or over producing certain hormones they can cause your body to gain fat or lose muscle. For example, if you store fat on the belly then this can be due to the hormone cortisol, or if you store fat on your sides it can be due to insulin.

Diet and exercise can assist these hormonal profiles, but they can also make them worse. For example, if you’re producing too much cortisol and you go running then you can actually make it worse. Similarly, if you go long distance running then insulin issues can be made worse, whereas sprinting will improve insulin levels.

This is where Bio Signature comes in, and with a good Bio Signature practitioner, you can get rapid results!

Bio Signature uses specially designed software and highly trained practitioners to assess and take readings of the hormonal profile sites which will assess your highest priority.

The results are often surprising, with many clients believing they would be one hormonal profile and actually being another. Chasing the wrong hormonal profile can be detrimental to your results.

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