How Do I Lose Weight?


A lot of people ask me the question: “How Do I Lose Weight, Daniel?”

And it’s a simple answer: there are lots of things that you can be doing to burn fat, lose weight and feel happier about your body. That’s something that we help individuals with through our bespoke personal training programme at your fitness studio at Brockhall Village.

But, I think we both know that there are other things that you can also do to help you burn that fat off your body and feel more confident about the way you look.

If you want to transform your body then keep reading.

There’s a simple answer: there is no one way, one diet or one solution that can help you achieve everything. That’s just the way it is.

The important thing is that you sit down and really think about what you want in life. Have a read/watch of the vlog I did about changing your mindset and actually change your body (and reach the goals that you have in mind).

Daily Rituals

Okay, so if you’re a little confused by that title then it’s not going to be some medieval fitness. Habits are formed when we do our daily rituals and then we can unconsciously carry out one of our habits without consciously knowing we’re doing it (if you’ve ever eat a couple of chocolate bars in front of the telly and then a moment or two later realised what you’ve done then you’ll know what I mean).

So, it’s important to understand what you should be doing each day and then stick to that plan to form some healthy habits.

Monitoring Calories

Now we’re not going to go all Slimming World or Weight Watchers here by having “sins” or anything. But, it’s important that you track what you’re eating throughout the day.

This will help you (and your personal trainer if you have one) to understand how much fat, protein and carbs you’re consuming on a daily basis. It’ll also highlighted other things such as sodium etc.

These trackers have apps that you can use on your phone and lots will scan the bar code of the food/drink that you’re consuming. You might be surprised with what foods have what types of macros in them.

a fat apple with a tape measure around

Give 100% Effort at The Gym

You need to own your workouts.

Walking into the fitness centre with 100% killer attitude and that you’re going to be in control of your own fitness experience is what you want. If you’re serious in your efforts to lose weight then your exercises sessions are one of the most important stages. You’ll burn the calories you need to help your muscles want more good, healthy food from your body.

If you give everything you’ve got when you go (instead of having a nice chat or playing on your phone) then you’ll be putting your best foot forward in terms of burning fat and getting to your ideal weight in no time.

If you’re currently not treating the gym this way then take a moment and give yourself a good talking to. Ask yourself what you really want and whether you’re serious about it. If you are then put the effort in.

Track Your Sleep

Sleep is so important to your weight loss goals.

You need to make sure you’re having enough so that you’re well rested and I talk a lot around sleep and sleeping well in how to get more energy in your life.

Why? It’s a main stay of life and happiness, and it’s so important for when your body comes to take the time to repair things.

And that repair is crucial if you’ve been pushing yourself hard in the gym like I mentioned above.


What Else?

There are so many other things you can track, like how good your digestion is over time or how healthy your body is and how strong your vitality is.

There are so many other things that you can be doing in a effort to help you lose weight and burn that fat off your body. If you need help then click on the “book consultation” button above and let’s talk about how you can become slimmer, more confident and happier about the way you feel.

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