Is Your Life on Standby?

If asked how you’re doing today or one of your friends asked how you were, would you be like most people and answer, “I’m alright, I suppose?”

But, if you were pushed for an answer, the most common response I hear is, “Well, I’m a little tried/ stressed/ fatigued …sigh!” Herein lies two of the biggest problems that affect people most of the time: being overly stressed and overly tired.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably nodding your head, thinking “Yep! That’s me, all of the time! I’m constantly tired!” Even the supposed healthy people amongst us often complain of being tired a lot.

And yet with so much focus on healthy eating to lose weight and lifestyle factors to get your body in shape, many of us still feel knackered.

One possible cause might be staring you right in the face at this very moment.

For a number of years, I’ve known about some of the effects modern technology have on our bodies; how WiFi signals affect sleep patterns and how mobile technology (your iPhone or Android device) can heat up your brain. For some people, that causes headaches.

But, what I never fully understood until now was how it could lead to people feeling exhausted and depressed.

Here is a fascinating research article from one of the sites I trust. Dr. Mercola, who runs the site, has no agenda. He’s not trying to sell you something you don’t need and he gives really good advice.

Although the information presented may seem quite technical, it’s easy to understand if you simplify it.

What’s the issue?

The issue is calcium, the mineral that strengthens your bones. Well, it could be causing you more problems than you realize.

Our bodies are exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) – not the natural type that protect the planet from radiation, but the type your iPhone gives off. I told you the answer might be right in front of you. The field opens in our body’s VGCC, which are basically calcium channels, and they are designed to draw calcium to them.

Why is this harmful?

Well, having excess calcium in your body can actually cause a heart attack. I remember taking a training course and being told if I want to give a guy a heart attack, just give him lots of calcium!

Why is the heart affected by the EMF? Research has shown that the EMFs altering your calcium channels primarily affect the brain, the heart and the reproductive systems. Three systems which you and I both agree are important!

When you think about it, it makes sense why people are feeling tired and stressed all the time. Your brain and your heart are basically working too hard all the time, and super high concentrations of calcium are being drawn into them.

The excess calcium also has a secondary effect. It increases your requirement for more magnesium: the anti-stress and anti-anxiety mineral. The general population seem to be deficient in this mineral.

Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency

One of the key symptoms of a magnesium deficiency is tight hamstrings or having spasms in that area.

I’m not suggesting that you throw away your iPad/tablet or stop using your phone. We both know that simply isn’t going to happen. For most people, not being able to use technology would probably cause more stress than the technology’s harmful emissions.

What you can do to help

However, there are a few things you can do to help:

Start Taking Magnesium

Like I’ve mentioned before, excess calcium increases your need for magnesium. Blood tests reveal that many people are deficient in this mineral.
I would recommend having a blood test before taking any supplement or changing any major dietary habits, so you have a base line.
After all, how do you know if your levels are going up if you don’t know where they were when you started?


Turn off Your WiFi at Night

Several things will happen. You’ll sleep better. You’ll feel more refreshed. You’ll be reducing your exposure to the EMF when there is no point for it to be high.
After all, why do you need WiFi when you’re asleep?


Eat Leafy Veggies

What I haven’t mentioned is that the EMFs seem to increase free radicle levels in the body, which are linked to cancers. So, you should increase your anti-oxidant levels, particularly by eating the cruciferous or dark, green and leafy vegetables.


Say No to Microwaves

A big one though is to stop using microwaves to cook your food. You’re unnecessarily exposing your body to the very thing you really don’t want or need. This may be affecting your mood, vitality and health.
Only cook in a pan or in the oven. I personally haven’t used a microwave for over ten years and I’ve never felt better for ditching my dinger!

Here’s a video of Dr. Mercola discussing the damaging effects of EMFs

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