Little Black Dress


Personal trainer explains how you can achieve a happier, healthier, sexier you!

You’ve just finished applying your lip gloss. You stand up and go to the full-length mirror and what do you see? Damn… you look hot in that dress!

All of that hard work and clean eating has really paid off. Now you’re really looking forward to that Christmas party.

Do you want this to be you?

Have you always wanted to have that feeling but just never seemed to be able to achieve it?

Well, now you can.

I started as a personal trainer to help individuals, like you, to achieve their goals, like I achieved mine. That feeling when a client comes in and tells me their pants are looser and that they’ve been getting lots of compliments from their friends about how good they
are looking – that is the reason I am a personal trainer.

The individuals I work with are predominately women. I understand their main problem areas and how much these affect their self-esteem when they aren’t quite feeling their best.

I understand how you feel when you stand and look at the mirror in your jeans and your tummy is hanging over. You wave goodbye to your friends and your triceps are wobbling or you’re getting ready to go out, you put on your little black dress but hate all those cellulite dimples on your legs!

Sound familiar? Well, we can work together to help change your body for good.

From my own personal experience improving my body, and helping clients change their bodies, the best training technique is to lift weights, rather than doing loads of cardio at the gym.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Only men lift weights! They are big and I do NOT want to end up big and bulky, and with muscles!’ Don’t panic.

I’ve been lifting weights for nearly five years and I’m in the best shape I have ever been.

As women, we don’t have the same genetic makeup – this means we simply don’t have enough testosterone to become big and bulky. Yes, I know there are women in magazines who clearly have lots of muscle like Jodie Marsh, but they’re taking various supplements to make them get that way. It is not just due to them lifting weights.

You could keep going to the gym and do running or go on the cross trainer, but realistically if your goal is to be more toned and leaner then you need to pick up those dumbbells.

That’s why it’s better to train with me than to do it on your own – I can push and motivate to help you achieve a hotter and sexier you. Call MPT today to arrange a consultation with me and see how we can work together to a happier, healthier and sexier you.

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