Master Your Mind, Master Your Body


Ask yourself the right questions and you will get all the right answers as to why you are failing to reach your fitness goals.

Why do I do this to myself? Around this time of year, we all start the ‘…get fitter, change our lives and become healthier…’ routine.

So, if you’re reading this thinking: “Wow, that’s me all over!” then keep reading because what follows will help change your mindset.

How many new years do you need to find the new you? Just this one or are you a serial ‘new year, new me’ junkie? And with each new year do you convince yourself that this will be it. This will be your year. Stop kidding yourself!

You’re not going to change your life in six months, a year or in 10 years, unless you stop right now. Make the true decision to change your body once and for all. You decide to start and you will not stop for any reason!

The simple fact is that you don’t need 10 years to change your life. You only need one second.

Every time you make the decision to be focused on your goal or let yourself slip into a bad pattern, you choose which way you want to go.

You can try and fail countless times, but you need only succeed once! Keep winning the tiny victories and the big victories will just happen.

You could try and fail and quit, and after many days, weeks or years you will look back and think to yourself, “Why didn’t I stick it out? Why didn’t I do it then when I could?”

Or you could choose to succeed because no matter how many times you make a tiny slip up, you can get back up, get back to being focused and get back on track to reach your goal. The fact is there will always be an event or an excuse that stands between you and your goals, and there will always be a date that you think, “I’ll start then. That will be my time.”

This is why people hire personal trainers. There is nothing wrong with admitting you need a little help or a little push in the right direction.

Why choose a Masters Personal Trainer? We help you psychologically as well as physically. As you will know, the real battle for your body isn’t what’s in your fridge, your body or in your gym, but it’s what’s in your mind that will help you to succeed.

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