Online Personal Training Explained

Wondering what can be covered in an online fitness coaching session? Who doesn’t. Going to a personal trainer in your gym or local health club is probably familiar, but someone who is there to train your virtually? Alien.

Here’s our take on why an online PT is best for you.


Online 1-2-1 or as a small group

So much more information can be delivered in your online session, whereas a ‘normal’ in-person exercise session pales in comparison.


Expert Knowledge

The most overlooked power of a personal trainer or coach is the knowledge and education side of things. Maybe you’re of a similar mind: the main focus is on your physic and what you look like in the mirror, but there’s more to it than that.


Online coaching is best used by:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Educating
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving


Goal setting

This is the most basic and most important in the process of achievement. How can you get where you want to be unless you know where that is and what you want it to look like?

Take the thought of driving in a car. You enter your details of the destination in to your sat nav and when you arrive the computer tells you that you have arrived after carefully filling in all of the instructions (remember this as it’s important). At one point along the way you may have thought “I don’t want to go the way it’s telling me”, and at that point you do as you’re told or take the risk and hope not to get lost when trying to find your way.

But what is the point in putting in the details of your not going to listen?

When we set goals together they will be SMART:





Time bound


When having a coaching session aimed around your goal setting, we work with you to establish key points to achieve that goal and get you there as quickly as possible.



When setting your goal it’s important to plan out how you are going to achieve it. What are going to do to help you? What systems will you employ to help monitor your journey?

During your coaching session we look at all the options together and plan the best route. We plan out dietary needs, designing a good plan that you can both follow and enjoy. We think about the training you can do and what equipment you have access to. This means that when we go through the exercises there’s not going to be an exercise that is impossible and you’ll have access to the right equipment.

We also plan out mini goals that are like stepping stones, chunking down the big goals that seem hard to swallow into bite sized pieces that you won’t even realise your achieving.



Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is. Knowing that you have an intolerance to a food is useless unless you make a point of avoiding it.

This means that education is essential to goal achievement: if you’re spending one hour a week with a trainer then what percentage of your total time is that? It’s less than 1%.

How much can we affect when training alone for less than 1% of the whole week? Not a lot, but in an hour of education (with some training) we can help you to understand the changes you can – and really do need to – make which will change your body forever.



Just as with all things in life, motivation can come and go. If you were fully motivated all the time you probably wouldn’t need an online coach or personal trainer. You would probably do everything yourself and not need any help, but that’s not the situation you’re in. It’s okay to let your motivation drop every once in a while, that’s what your online coach is there for.

We’ll help to boost your motivation and get you back on track.


Problem solving

Sometimes you will get stuck and won’t be able to find a way to move forward. That’s where we come in: two heads are always going to be better than one. We’ve got experience working in partnership with individuals just like you, so we know there are going to be hiccups along the way.

We aren’t just one trainer with a singular thought pattern, we’re a team of highly skilled and educated fitness coaches who constantly update their skills and knowledge to help you with any issues you encounter on your path to achieving your goals.


Maybe it’s dietary, maybe it’s motivational, or maybe you don’t know enough about something that is holding you back. That’s where an online personal training service can help. You can read more about on this page.

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