MPT Fitness Studio at Brockhall Village

Workout in a relaxed fitness studio with a personal trainer

The Space

Our very own studio allows us to work with clients on a 1-to-1 basis and offer small group personal training in Blackburn (we’re based at Brockhall Village near Northcote Manor).

The Masters Personal Training studio is fully equipped to handle any of your health and wellness goals, from speed and agility work to strength and conditioning.

If you’re just starting and need to build up your fitness, or you’re wanting to lose weight and don’t know where to start, our trainers are fully qualified, highly trained and motivational.

We keep ourselves and our studio at the peak of the fitness and health industry, both in knowledge and in the equipment we use.

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The Equipment

Our studio is host to a variety of training tools, including:

  • Boxing equipment for fitness
  • TRX for controlled strength
  • Kettle bells for power
  • Weights for building strength
  • Barbells for those who like to lift heavy
  • Dumbbells for toning (0.5kg to 48kg)
  • Cable machines for total body workouts and rehab
  • CV equipment for vascular work
  • Medicine balls for dynamic power
  • Stability balls for core work
  • Power sled for HIIT

Most importantly, we have mats for cooling down on and air conditioning for those hot days.

We have everything we need to help you reach the body shape you’ve always wanted.

The Environment

Whatever your goals, we have the equipment to ensure you achieve them. We also have the knowledge and expertise to know which ones you should use at the right time to have maximum impact.

We won’t just put you on a treadmill for 20 minutes and talk to you whilst you sweat. That isn’t how we do things. We’ll train you based on your body, what you want to achieve, and how much variety your body requires (and, yes, things are bespoke).

All of this will be done in a relaxed environment. What could be better? Click that button and book your consultation today!

The personal trainers at MPT aren’t drill sergeant-type individuals (unless you want us to be). We’re here to provide you with the very best personal training, nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching in the local area.

Frequent Questions

We have some equipment for strength training and others for cardiovascular work. We don’t have only one piece or one set for specific exercises; we have multiple: that means if someone else is training with his/her own personal trainer in another part of the studio and you both need to use, for example, the cable machine, then you can. There’s no waiting around for equipment.

We also have a range of kettlebells and dumbbells that go up in manageable increments. Plates for our Olympic bars increase as little as 0.5kg. This is helpful when you want to push yourself just a little bit further. Strength and confidence are key.

We have over 1,300 square feet of space and numerous different pieces of equipment.

Although 3-4 other personal trainers (and their clients) may be holding fitness sessions at the same time as you (during peak times), the way the fitness studio is laid out means that certain areas are secluded.

You’re not going to be in a large commercial gym with lots of people around you, nor will you be waiting for equipment.

Our environment is as relaxed as possible. Our key focus is that you’re there to be motivated and pushed towards obtaining the body shape you want. So, we’re not going to put our feet up and enjoy a cup of tea while chatting to you running on a treadmill.

It’s private.

There is a gym downstairs where members workout, but personal training is held in the MPT fitness studio.

We’re open seven days a week, so we’re quite flexible about when you’re able to train (provided the trainer and time slot are available).

Have more questions? See our FAQ page here.

Workout in a purpose built studio