Pointing You in The Right Direction

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us and it’s little black dress and dinner suit time so at Masters Personal Training, we’ve put together some top tips to help you lose weight, keep you a little trimmer over the holiday period and get you into shape for the New Year.

  1. Know your goal
  2. Mind your thoughts – what are you focusing on?
  3. What do you really want? The wine or to see your abs!
  4. How much time a week do you dedicate to your goal – 168 hrs a week!
  5. You have to deserve your carbs
  6. Only eat Palaeo-carbs
  7. Not all carbs were created equally
  8. Interval training is a must!
  9. Omega 3 is essential
  10. Drink 0.037l of water X body weight in kg a day
  11. Have no more than 5gm of fructose a day
  12. Fasting (starving) speeds up insulin resistance (diabetes)
  13. The first thing to pass your lips in the morning should be protein
  14. Get to bed on time 10 to 10.30pm at the latest
  15. Lower your toxicity
  16. Boost your immune system
  17. Cook with butter
  18. Carbs drive Insulin, insulin drives fat storage
  19. Eat immediately after training
  20. Less insulin equals lower body fat
  21. The more lactic acid you produce when training the more fat you burn
  22. If you are intolerant to a food DON’T EAT IT!
  23. Aerobic training plateaus after eight work outs with regards to calorie burning
  24. Write a gratitude list
  25. Lift weights – lift heavy
  26. Squat as low as possible
  27. Training shouldn’t be easy!
  28. Train all of your body especially the parts you hate to work
  29. Don’t eat on the go!
  30. Take the time to enjoy your food
  31. Appreciate what you eat and you’ll find it more satisfying
  32. Keep a food diary
  33. Take the right supplements
  34. Take enough supplements
  35. Take responsibility for your situation

If any of these tips need explaining feel free to call and book a free consultation. We also have a book available explaining everything and more. If you’re serious about making real changes to your body call the experts.

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