The Real Cost of Health and Vitality

What is the real cost of having a healthy body and mind and having healthy lifestyle habits?


In the video above I talk about a number of things, including why we need to move away from thinking about how much we’re spending on things to how much it’s actually costing us not to live a healthy life and get the body shape we want.

So, what do I mean by the cost of health and vitality?

Well, the actual cost isn’t really linked to anything financial.

What is health and vitality?

Once you’ve read that question then some of the following might have come to mind:

  • lots of energy
  • healthy skin
  • longevity
  • less pain (or no pain)
  • feeling strong
  • feeling fit

But, if you want to have all of these things then you need to be willing to pay the price. If you want to be healthy and vital, and free from illness then that costs you something. And those things are:

  • Good quality sleep
  • Good quality food
  • Good quality exercise
  • Good quality nutrients
  • Good quality thoughts

These are the general things that you need to be able (and willing) to “pay” in order to get vitality, and a healthy mind and body.

On the flip side of that you’ve got poor quality food (or junk food), a bad night’s sleep and little to no exercise, and stress. These things are detracting from your health and you want to ensure most of them are moved out of your life if you want to achieve balance.

So, that means paying the price also includes:

  • Spending time thinking positively
  • Spending time exercising
  • Spending time eating healthily
  • Spending time sourcing good quality nutrition
  • Spending time increasing the nutrients going into your body*

*this includes getting plenty of D3 (the sunshine vitamin), drinking plenty of water, sometimes supplementing your diet so that you’re able to get enough nutrients from your food (take Omega 3 as an example), and making sure that your body is getting the basic things in life that it needs in order to do what you’re asking it to do.

The amount of times that a new client comes to see us at Masters Fitness and we’ll say “What do you want?” and they reply “Well, I want to get fitter and be healthier” but they’re not willing to change their diet.

If they’re not willing to change the foods that they’re eating by learning about what their body needs (see this post) then they’re not going to achieve what they want: a healthy body and more energy.

And there really is no bargaining. If you want your kidneys and liver to function at optimum then you need to drink enough water. If you want your digestive system to function and it’s deficient in probiotics then you need to feed it a good quality probiotic (like Poliquin’s or Mercola’s).

This will help you develop good gut bacteria. Or, if you don’t want to put them in then you at least need to create the environment within your digestive system to in order for it to populate a sufficient number.

What do you want?

Do you want health and vitality or do you want stress and dis-ease?

It’s your decision over whether you choose to be happy and healthy or tired, stressed and unhappy. And all of this is linked to Dr. Happy.

If you’ve got a question about this topic or anything else on health, fitness and vitality then get in touch and we’ll happily answer them.

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