You shouldn’t need supplements!

not taking supplements

These days you can hardly walk in to a gym without being presented with a shed load of pills and powders, all promising to make you fitter than you currently are. The fact is though that you shouldn’t need them.

You should be able to get everything you need from your food, just like the good old days! Healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind.

Whilst you really shouldn’t need supplements, the problem is that we don’t live in a great world where that’s really possible. We live today in a world full of toxins, highly processed low-nutrient dense food and 1,000 times more stress than our ancestors.

Even though they were constantly faced with death each and every day, we actually have more stress today. Stress from paying the bills, mobile phones, email and driving. That’s the funny thing about stress: the way your body perceives it. It doesn’t matter if you’re being chased by a tiger or cut up on the motorway, your body views it the same way.

The modern world has brought with it fast food and fast living, where we can get more done in a shorter time. The price we pay, however, is with our health.

Today, we are the sickest we’ve ever been, with more need for medical intervention than ever before. As a result, people are living longer and the natural resources of the planet are more depleted than they would be if there were still only 6 billion people on the planet (rather than 7 billion).

So, what has all of this got to do with supplements?

The answer is simple: you shouldn’t need to take a supplement for anything as you should be able to get it all from your food, but due to the way we live our lives and the way we farm our land, we as a population are becoming increasingly less nourished.

The food most of us eat is rapidly grown with no minerals or vegetables. We eat way too many grain-based foods which tips the scales to inflammation. We spend all day indoors and hardly see the sun, and we constantly take medication or inflame our guts.
Now, you add all of those things together and add in the stress of modern day living then you will end up with a recipe for a very unhealthy life.

As with all things in life you have 3 choices:

  • the optimal
  • the sub optimal, and
  • the bad choice

The bad choice

The bad choice would be to change nothing and continue as you are: barely surviving each and every day and moaning about how tired or run down you are.

The optimal choice

The optimal choice is to live in the woods, eat off the organic land with no electronic crap interfering with your body, meditate every day and perform daily chores for your exercise programme, like chopping wood for heat.

The sub-optimal choice

And the sub optimal choice? Eat healthy, supplement your diet with the minerals you are lacking, i.e. Omega 3 and D3 because most people, even the healthy ones, still need omegas and D3 vitamins, and get regular exercise either outdoor or at a gym.

Important take away

The most important thing to remember after you realise that supplementing is important is that the quality of the supplement you take is essential. That’s because a poor quality supplement can be more harmful to your body than not taking one at all.

The ones we take and recommend? Poliquin supplements.

See below for my run down on the most popular supplements I take and recommend.

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