Ribble Valley Sports Massage

1-2-1 treatment with a professional & trained sports massage therapist

Lower Stress, Improve Mental Health

A sports massage helps you relax and de-stress your muscles from working out. The gym can be a grind, motivation can dip, and sore muscles can be annoying. That’s where a sports massage can help.

Pete, our professional sports massage therapist, will talk to you about your exercise routine, what your goals are, and how a regular massage can help you with your mental health and general well-being.

Losing weight and toning your body shape is stressful: tracking your calories, eating some foods that your previous self might consider “boring”, and being a little sore after your workout sessions. You’re putting a lot of effort into changing your body shape to the new and improved you, so why not have a sports massage to relax those muscles and de-stress your mind to feel calm, collected, and happy?

You will feel re-energised and more focused on your health and fitness goals by having a regular sports massage at Masters Fitness.

How Does It Work?

As with all health and well-being services offered at Masters Fitness, we start with an assessment to understand more about you and your body.

Our local professional sports therapist, Pete, will assess areas of discomfort, analyse your workout schedule and listen to your day-to-day activities. Then, he will devise a plan that complements your workout schedule and overall health and fitness goals.

During your massage time, you might find that the deep tissue massage technique hurts a little. Similar to DOMS after your workouts, this is all part of the way the body repairs itself to tone and shape that future body shape.

Having a regular sports massage in East Lancashire can help your muscles feel less stressed and painful, and encourage you to stick to your time at the gym.

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Massage & Exercise Benefits

Sports massage helps individuals recover quicker from having sore muscles from training at the gym.

During your massage session, Pete will check how strong the pressure is and whether there are parts of your body that require more concentration than others. This ensures you look forward to your future sports massage sessions.

Pete will work with your personal trainer at Masters Fitness to ensure you receive the best help with your health and fitness goals: everyone on the team wants to help you achieve your fitbody goals, so it makes sense that we work together in all areas.

Sports massage sessions are booked at a convenient time and day for you, so we can fit things in around your schedule and around the fitness regime your fitness coach has written for you.

Rehabilitate From Injury

Sports massage can be a great addition to your injury rehabilitation programme set out by our local back pain specialist.

You will have a full assessment by both our pain & injury rehabilitation consultant and our sports massage therapist to ensure that your mobility exercises, your gym or workout programme, and your sports massage sessions all effectively helping you become free from pain.

With extensive knowledge and experience, we will monitor your body’s response to treatments and tweak the frequency and pressure of your massage sessions to best help in your recovery.

Massage therapy can be used to help you recover from old sports injuries, niggling pain and stiffness, and frustrating aches in your body. Let us help you become refreshed and re-energised.

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Benefits of a Sports Massage

A sports massage by a professional therapist can help with:

  • lower back pain
  • stiff neck
  • sports injuries
  • sore muscles after working out (DOMS)
  • migraines/headaches
  • prevent injuries

As well as regular exercise at one of the Ribble Valley’s favourite gyms, a sports massage can help relieve anxiety and reduce stress in the body.

People also notice that these types of massage have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being.

Frequent Questions

We’re located inside Masters Fitness at Brockhall Village, in a beautiful part of the Ribble Valley. The area has a relaxed, quiet atmosphere and is a few minutes by car from Northcote Manor and the A59.

After we’ve completed a full-body MOT, you can choose between a 45-minute or a 75-minute session.

The MOT is a full body assessment and runs through joint movements, imbalances, deep tissue massage, and a set of stretches to get the most out of our service.

Simply click/tap on any of the “book now” buttons on this page.

We’d always advise anyone new to sports massage to choose the 90-minute full-body MOT. This allows us to have a conversation and look at the mobility of your body, and then suggest the best massage programme to help you the most.

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A FULL BODY MOT is just what you need!