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What’s the point in looking good if you’re feeling like crap?!

One of the biggest problems faced in today’s society is that we are bombarded with the looking good model, focussing purely on the outside:

  • Flat abs
  • Firm butt
  • Toned or defined muscles

So much money is spent on the pursuit of the perfect looking body and yet, when it comes to the inside people just don’t seem to care.

When they buy a supplement they go for the cheap ones, focusing on the frames of the protein (just as an example) per serving. Instead of looking where it’s sourced, what other ingredients it contains, whether they can even absorb the supplement in the first place and if it’s actually going to do more harm than good.

What’s the point in looking great if you’re screwed up internally?

Nobody cares how good they look on the outside when……

  • their back is fucked
  • their gut is inflamed & they look pregnant
  • their adrenals are so exhausted that getting out of bed requires a serious amount of caffeine]


The funny thing is, if you focus on the inside then your outside will look a lot better and you will end up feeling a whole lot better. This will give you the energy to do more and influence you to exercise more. Then, in turn, the outside looks even better!

People are generally shocked when I explain to them about the differences between working out and working in.

Working out takes energy from the body. That’s why you feel knackered at the end of it.

Working in gives you energy. That’s why you feel great when you do working in type exercises.

People get too hung up on burning calories, when the even funnier part of this story is that most people don’t even know what a calorie is!

Interested? Stay tuned for part 2

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