The Worst Thing To Say To Your Personal Trainer


Do you want to lose weight and get the body shape you’ve always wanted in life? Then this is an important blog (and vlog) for you.

There’s one thing that you should never do with your personal trainer: lie to them.

This is important.


Because they’re there to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals and get the body you’ve always wanted in life.

So, if you’ve not stuck to your food and nutrition plan or you’ve not really done all of the different exercises outside of your time with your personal trainer then you should be honest. Don’t say that everything has been fine if it hasn’t.

Let’s take an example.

If you’re not completely honest with them then they can’t help you.

When they ask you about how your diet has been or how you’re getting on with your exercises outside of the gym there’s always a motivation behind that: they want some feedback on things to ensure stuff is working.

If you didn’t stick to your diet at the weekend (when lots of people tend to fall off the wagon because it’s easy to) then be honest and say that.

If you’ve been eating cakes, chocolate, crisps and biscuits over the weekend then it’s not a great thing, but if you then go and say that you’ve been great and on plan to your fitness trainer then that’s going to cause issues.

They’ll generally be asking you because they want to help you and monitor your progress, not to “punish” you or make you work ten times harder in the gym because of it.

It’s more of an evaluation.

If we take the example of “Jane” and say that her key focus is fat loss. Her trainer thinks that she’s been great at the weekend and has a strength training session setup. He’s unaware that she’s binged quite a lot at the weekend and then, as time goes on, is confused about why she isn’t burning through her fat.

If she’s been on target with her nutrition and she’s been doing the extra exercise regime he’s had planned.

But, if he’d have known that Jane had binged (because, let’s face it, we all do it from time to time) then he could have switched things up and got her to do more sweaty based cardio (like HIIT) and other things than doing strength training so that Jane can help burn off all of the extra sugars she has consumed.

If you’re looking to lose weight then you might be put on a low carb plan: having a reduced amount of carbohydrates in your diet to help your body burn some of the extra fat stored on your body. This is one option we help people choose when they come to us and help educate our personal training clients on what should go into their lifestyle, diet and eating.

As exercise professionals we do try to be non-judgemental.

And one of the reasons why a client might hide the true from us as the top rated local personal trainers in Lancashire is that they think they’re going to be judged by us and we’re going to “tell them off” and then punish you in your gym session. But, that’s simply not true. We’re there to help you to achieve your goals and get the body you truly want in life.

If you choose to eat some of the negative type foods then it’s up to us to compensate for that by advising you on how to use cheat meals effectively and change any of your fitness programme so that we’re helping you combat the negative changes.

But, we can only help you fix what we know is broken.

Take Action

If you currently have a personal trainer and you’ve not currently being completely honest with them then take a second to think about things and try to be honest. It will help you more in the longer term and get you to your goal weight quicker.

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