Training With Intent

woman training in the gym with a bar

What do you think it means to train with intent?

When you go to the gym do you approach it with an attitude of giving it your all or do you approach it with the attitude of a job you can’t really be bothered doing?

It makes you think doesn’t it?

Having said that, I think the question should be: What intention do you train with?

When you go for a run, lift weights or do a class, is your intention to just get the sets or the duration over and done with?


Do you want to kill the workout and burn as many calories as possible?

woman doing HIIT by pushing a sled filled with core bags

Surely if you really want to see some changes to your body, your intention should be to get the most out of your workout.

Because… what’s the point in doing the workout in the first place?

So, what is getting the most from your workout?

  • Giving it as much as possible
  • Concentrating to your fullest on squeezing your muscles as hard as you can
  • Connecting your brain to those muscles
  • Maximising the muscle contractions

Why should you be doing this?

Because you’re training for a reason, not just for the sake of doing it.

personal training client being pushed hard by a fitness professional in the gym

Let’s Take An Example

Imagine you’re cleaning a room and at the end of the cleaning process the room is tidy.

Now, your reward is that you could get the room tidy a lot quicker if you clean quicker, which means you get more free time.

But training works differently.

The more time you spend on it, the greater the reward and the higher number of calories you burn.

It isn’t about being quick and finishing the set as soon as possible.

man doing a back exercise with dumbbells whilst led face down on an inclined exercise bench

Next Time You’re In The Gym

The next time you train and you go to lift some weights, concentrate on generating as much tension in your muscles as possible. Don’t just throw the weights around, lift them with the intention of making your muscles work and not just moving the weight from A to B.

Remember: the more you switch on your muscles, the more calories they are going to burn and the quicker you’ll see results.

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