What Does A Typical Online Fitness Session Involve?


A typical online personal training session with your fitness coach will, quite commonly, fit into one of two areas: a coaching session or a training session. Below, I explain what each one involves and why they both have their individual benefits.


Coaching Sessions

These are based on the coaching principle, where we check up on what you have been eating and how that can be improved, assess where some of your weaknesses might be and what changes (if any) should be made to keep you progressing towards your goal.


Training Session

These can vary greatly depending on what you have access to in terms of equipment, space and time. Some sessions are very cardio vascular based and others may be more resistance based.

Similar to having a fitness trainer with you in person (except on a small screen), you’ll position the camera (on your phone or computer) to provide the best angle for the coach.



Phones and tablets work best as they are the most mobile and easy to position.

Imagine having a trainer that you can carry around with you. One who you can even take to your session at the gym (provided you have WiFi or 3G access).
A trainer you can invite in to your home, but they never have to walk through your door and invade your privacy.


Typical Session

A typical session will start with a catch up of what been happening since the last time and a brief review of how you have progressed with what was agreed with your trainer. Yes, we do give home work. If you think that because you’re hiring a trainer then you put all of the responsibility to achieve your goals then you are wrong. They are there to help, guide and motivate you, but you will need to do a lot of the work yourself.

Once we’ve got through the update we then start to build the session around our current objectives. If that particular session is going to be exercise based then you will should have everything ready to use for the session (this will be set out before hand so you’re not having this dropped on you at the last minute). No bad for online personal training from Masters Fitness.


Space and Exercising

We’ll need plenty of space between the camera and you so that we can see exactly what you are doing while performing any exercise. Why? We want to ensure you have the correct posture and technique for each exercise. This helps to ensure you’re working out effectively and not harming yourself.

During that session we like to make use of everything available to you, so we’ll usually request a full list of all exercise equipment.

During your coaching sessions, we make use of apps such as My Fitness Pal (to help track your food) and coach you (to making healthier food choices), and by providing you with dietary alternatives that help you get the results you want.



We also use this time to plan out your home workouts and what extra things you can be doing outside of your sessions.

Remember, every little bit helps.

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