Weight Loss & Nutrition

Do you want (or need) to lose weight?

Woman measuring her waistAt Masters Fitness Personal Training Gym, we’ve been helping people to lose weight, get fitter, and eat healthier for over 10 years. The best way to lose weight is not a universal formula which every one can follow or we’d all have the bodies we wanted.

  • Your diet
  • Your exercise plan
  • Your lifestyle

These are the three things that need to be personalised to help you achieve your goals. (Interested in reading more? Check out our section on Metabolic Typing for more information about diets.)

Your exercise plan should be based on your body as it’s not a generic one-size-fits all training programme. You have a unique lifestyle and that means your body has an individual signature that we will find out in order to keep you running at optimum.

Fitness Training

  • Are you an athlete?
  • Do you want to be?

Training for your sport is as essential as actually playing the sport! Whether you’re a runner, golfer, skier or martial artist, you need to condition your body to handle your sport! Remember: footballers don’t just play football, they train for it too.

Core Stability

  • Do you want to flatten your abs forever?
  • Lose that annoying sagging belly?
  • Tighten up those abs?
  • Firm your sides?

Using the best abdominal exercises will get your abs tight and strong, which results in losing any excess flab so you’ll have a firm, tight looking stomach that not only looks good but makes you feel great. Don’t waste your time doing crunches all day long, let Masters Personal Training give you the right advice.


A woman with dumbbells working outMuscle Shaping and Definition

Your body is unique and needs a personalised routine. Masters Personal Training uses specialised assessments to prescribe exactly what exercises are going to be best for you and which aren’t.

Its not all about lifting big, heavy weights!

There is a huge misconception among people that you should lift heavy to achieve good muscle tone. Many ladies believe that by picking up a pair of dumbbells they will instantly gain Arnold Schwarzenegger size muscles, but it just isn’t that easy! Your Masters personal trainer will ensure you are lifting weights that are optimal for your goals, and this includes lifting weights that some individuals believe will be too heavy – they won’t be and carrying out the exercise won’t make you ‘big and bulky’.



Your Diet & Nutrition

Modify your diet so you feel terrific.

Generally speaking, eating a meal that is right for your Metabolic Type should produce marked and lasting improvement in your energy, mental capacities, emotional well-being, and leave you feeling satisfied for several hours.

a tape measure wraps around some vegetablesIf you’re already feeling good, then eating should, at the very least, help to maintain your energy levels. But, if you feel worse an hour or so after eating, such as:

  • You feel hungry even though you are physically full
  • You develop a sweet craving
  • Your energy level drops
  • You feel hyper, nervous, angry or irritable
  • You feel depressed

Then, it might be due to an improper combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your last meal. You might be eating the perfect foods for your metabolism, but having too much of one type of food in place of another can easily produce the above listed symptoms.


Metabolic Typing

  • Are you among the millions of British people always on the lookout for a nutritional breakthrough?
  • Continually searching for a new and better way to eat?
  • A way to feel better, look better, lose weight, and boost you energy?
  • Perhaps you’re striving to overcome some of the chronic ailments now so prevalent among us
  • If only you could zero in on the right diet for you
  • Sounds like a simple enough task, doesn’t it?


Everyone Has Their Own Unique Metabolic Type

Many people come to our fitness studio eating very high-quality nutritious foods and are still quite sick. They haven’t touched sugar or junk food in ages and still suffer with many health problems. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the major physical ones relates to the fact that they are not eating appropriate foods for their metabolic type.

If you are interested in truly optimizing your health, your weight, and your energy – and in doing so avoid premature aging – one of the most important steps you should take is to learn your metabolic type and eat according to it. What may be very healthy for another person is not necessarily healthy for you, and vice-versa Eating according to your Nutritional Type™ is the only real way to ascertain what is good for you.


What’s the solution?

Well, you will find the programme simple and straightforward. In general, you start by eating the proportions of proteins, fats and carbs according to your taste and appetite. Next, analyze your reactions to your meals and discover how well you did in selecting the right ratios for yourself. (A table to help you do this is provided within your programme.)

If you found that you didn’t react optimally to your meal, then you will need to change the ratios the next time you eat that meal, and then again analyze your reactions. By doing so you are able to fine-tune each meal to the ratios of proteins, fats and carbs that are just right for you.