Why De-cluttering Will Give You More Energy

Do you have a lot of clutter around your home, work or in your car?

In this video (and post) I’ll be covering why it’s important to understand whether you have a cluttered life and why it’s important to de-clutter the space around you to give yourself more energy.


Life is all about energy. I’m not going to go into anything spiritual here, but everything around us is made of energy (including ourselves), and energy has a continuous flow.

For that energy to flow freely it likes open spaces and the ability to “breath”. If there is a lot of clutter in the places where you spend a lot of your time then it’s worth thinking about how these have an impact on your energy levels and well-being.

Think about when you do a spring clean or you decide that things have become a little bit in need of a good deep clean. In general, once this has been done you’ll feel a lot less stressed, more relaxed and have positive thoughts.

Now’s the point to think how this is going to have an impact on your energy levels and how you can make the most of things that are in your life at the moment.

Maybe your goal is weight loss, maybe it’s to tone your body so that you look better in the mirror or maybe it’s to actually understand just how hard you can push yourself and fit into those jeans you’ve seen.

Well, energy is going to have an impact on things. And, because clutter drains energy it’s important to de-clutter and then keep on top of things in your life.

If you want more energy then it’s important to ensure your rooms and other areas that you visit often don’t have a lot of “things” preventing energy from flowing freely.

And, if you’re confused about energy then think about the example in the video: steel and bamboo. They’re both different, but they’re both energy. They can move in different ways, but they’re both made of molecules.

Your levels of energy will affect your ability to lose weight: any good personal trainer in Lancashire knows that (as well as many other things). And, if your energy levels are low then you can’t put everything you can into your workout sessions, which means you’re not burning the amount of fat that you should be doing.

This will then have a negative effect on your goals and how you feel.

You might have your car that’s full of junk, your house or your desk at work. The important thing is to declutter it and remove those obstacles to allow the energy to flow freely.

And, one simple thing that I believe is if you haven’t been using something in a long time or it’s “collecting dust” then get rid of it.

And, yes, that’s also for the exercise equipment that you’re putting things on that I see and hear a lot about. If it isn’t serving a purpose, get rid of it and hire a personal trainer instead.


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