Why I Became a Personal Trainer

In 2000, I realised what my mission in life was: to become a fitness coach and help other people achieve their vitality and wellness goals.

I’ve been a professional personal trainer since 2001 and have worked with a variety of people with different shapes and sizes.
If you’re like most then your motivation is probably lacking. That’s where I come in and help you reach (and conquer) your fitness goals.

This is my personal site where I talk about topics that relate directly to me and the fitness industry, as well as what I do to make things a little easier.

I share some of my current training, advice and thinking on my thoughts page.

In 2000, I realised what my mission in life was: to become a fitness coach and help other people achieve their vitality and wellness goals.


A wise man once said ‘…if you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is writing then you are are writer.” Well, every morning when I wake up I think about training and helping people achieve their goals.

Sometimes that mean encouraging and motivate you; other times it’s coaching an individual who is really struggling to focus on what they want. A lot of times, especially recently, I’ve been assessing people to try to correct their posture and get them out of pain.

It’s not an easy job. Sometimes I bite my tongue when a client is saying that they can’t lose weight and they look at me like it’s my fault.

That’s why they come to see me: sometimes it’s for answers, motivation or, occasionally, they just want to feel as though they’ve given their all during a workout.

Most of the time I find it rewarding to see people’s shape changing, knowing I have helped to sculpt them, just like an artist.

It’s not just that though: the other day I receive an envelope from a client. Inside was a card thanking me for the years of motivation and the unwavering positivity I have given her, even when she lost all faith in herself.

And yet, she’s fighting to get her fitness and health back – something due to my dedication and positivity to keep her going.

Why am I a trainer?

Why I started all of those years ago has completely changed to why I do it now. If you asked me how I got to where I am today then I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

That’s not because I don’t want to, but because I simply do not know all of the changes that have impacted my direction.

Everyday I go to my company’s personal training studio and help individuals to achieve the body of their dreams.

Some people dream big and others dream small, but regardless of what they come for we all have one thing I common: we all want to improve something about ourselves.

You might be someone who wants to get there as fast as possible or just take a gentle stroll towards the goal. It doesn’t matter which you choose, I help people work towards their goals.




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