Why We Use My PT Hub

MyPTHub has a number of benefits and that’s why we use it at Masters Fitness.

Just above you’ll see the video where I provide a deeper overview about some of the benefits you can receive as a personal training client who’s using MyPTHub to its fullest (see some of the testimonials from current clients).

Things like the ability to log your workouts, nutrition, progress photos and measurements, and having them all in one place in an easy to use app.

There’s also the direct feedback system that the app gives you with your trainer, so that you can communicate about the things that matter and move towards your health and fitness goals.

There are also some other benefits that we offer through the app, such as online coaching programmes and online personal training sessions.

However, the best thing about using the MyPTHub system is its simplicity. Logging your food, workouts and updating things like your measurements is easy. You just have to tap a few buttons on your phone and keep the app up to date.

My personal favorite is that the app gives you accountability. When you as a client log your food, workouts, etc is provides you with the control over your life and helps you ditch the excuses.

Accountability is the number one thing you need in order to achieve your goals. If you’re accountable to what you’ve been doing, whether that’s going to the gym or not – or eating healthy or not – you’re being honest with yourself and honest with your local personal trainer.

And if you want to see great results then you need to be honest.

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