Best Exercises for People in Preston to Lose Weight

If you’re reading this then you probably live in the Preston area and you want to lose weight. If that’s right, and you want to banish those love handle and lose that extra “padding” then this is the article just for you.

I’m going to show you the best exercises for people in the city of Preston, Lancashire to lose weight and keep it off. No fad diets and no restrictions.

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The Squat

A great “big muscles” exercise that can get your heart pumping and your muscles working. It’s true that if you want to shed the pounds that you need to put the squat into your weekly workouts: it’ll help metabolise fat faster than Preston North End’s Chris Humphrey could sprint down the wing.


The chest press

Moving to your upper body is important. It’s even for the girls too, and don’t worry about building big and manly muscles because it isn’t that easy.

What you want to do is ensure that your rhythm and technique is on point: the former to be slowly paced (not like you’d see people at Pure Gym in Preston do) and the latter to ensure that you keep your form through the complete set.

Both of these are important.


The deadlift

There are few different types of deadlift exercise: the regular one with the straight bar, the regular one with a switched grip, and the one with the hex bar (to name just a few). Similar to the squat, this exercise trains your legs.

But, it’s a pull exercise which is the complete opposite of that of the squat. So, while it does help you burn more fat by training similar muscles, it helps you train them in a different way and targets a different part of them.

This means your workout will see maximum impact by adding these few different exercises to your time at the gym.


The Pull up

A lot of people struggle with this exercise because they see young guys doing it and feel as though it isn’t for them. But, it’s a great all-round exercise for people in Preston to do at least 2-3 times a week.

You want to tone your belly and ensure that those weigh scales are lower tomorrow than they were yesterday. Well, doing some pull ups will help you.

And another word on “big and bulky”. Ladies, it just isn’t going to happen to you. Not unless you’re absolutely going for it and putting your weight up weekly, as well as eating loads of protein and (for some) taking steroids. There just isn’t going to be the effect by going to the gym a few times a week and lifting weights.

So, there you go. A handful of exercises you can add to your workout programme if you’re looking to flatten your belly and lose your bingo wings.