Best Restaurants in the Preston Area

When you want to eat something with your friends, family or work colleagues and you want a place you can rely on then you’re going to be looking for a selection of the best restaurants in the Preston area.

Keep in mind though, if you’re on a weight loss challenge and you’re not supposed to be eating certain foods then either skip certain items on the menu or use the meal as one of your cheat ones for the month.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and again to a great meal at a restaurant in the local area so long as you take the advice from individuals who provide personal training Preston about your weight loss programme and what you want to achieve.

So, here is a handful of the best restaurants in the Preston area.


Haighton Manor

Haighton Manor is on the North East side of Preston near Goosnargh (where they have a lovely type of chicken and duck that many local restaurants and hotels use for customers).

They’re part of the Bunning and Price group of gastro pubs, so you can be sure that the standard they hold themselves to is pretty high.

The interior is quite traditional of a manor (or old pub) but the food is quite modern and has some local twists to it.


The Dogg Inn

The Dogg Inn (in Longridge, quite close to us) is a favourite of local people across the area of Preston and into East Lancashire.

The pub is all about being authentic to the local area: having rustic home cooked food that is presented in a pleasant way as though you are out at a restaurants in Preston. And it boasts a number of different ales and other types of beverages.

Consistently, this place receives high marks from diners who believe it has quality food, great staff and a lovely environment.



Angels Restaurant is quite close to us (about a 5-minute drive away). If you’re looking for a traditional restaurant that serves classic food with a modern twist.

It has a 4 or 5 course taster menu as well as other more traditional a la carte style menus no matter what day of the week you’re there.

It’s mentioned in the Michelin guide of restaurants so it can’t be too bad of a meal.


The Mad Hunter

The Mad Hunter is North Preston and offers a café/restaurant experience from the flavours of their Chef, Travis, who has travelled far and wide across the world and has come across some interesting tastes on his journey.

Chefs night takes place once a month and is your chance to taste some of the new and exciting dishes that they have in store for the next few weeks: by dining with a 5-course taster menu.

People love the distinctive look and feel of the place, as well as the food that it has to offer.

Most people say that they’ve returned numerous times because their experience (not just the food) was that good.



Fives Bar & Grill is the most central of all of the restaurants on this page: it’s literally in the heart of the centre of the city of Preston (it’s on Guild Hall Street).

It offers a variety of food including 28-day dried speciality steaks and other grill favourites. They have vegetarian dishes and other foods that you would find in a traditional bar and grill.

It is a traditional menu of a grill that has a lot of fresh flavours and the typical chicken liver pate for starters.

There’s an abundance of steaks and other grill items (such as mixed grill, gammon and chops) and it’s a true feast when you eat here: which sounds great if you’re like us and you want to increase the amount of protein in your meals (to help you with muscle repair and growth).

People loved the decent portions in here and the hearty atmosphere.

Keep in mind though to take note of calories if you’re not choosing to use the meal as one of your cheat meals. If you are choosing to take it, still take note of the calories and don’t use it as a full evening of binging. That isn’t the way to do things.