Harris Museum Preston Review

If you’re looking for an interesting museum and art gallery in the centre of Preston, Lancashire, then look no further than the Harris Museum.

It’s quite central (being within walking distance of St George’s Shopping Centre) and has an abundance of different exhibitions and collections.

And, the building the museum is in is an historical one too: it was built in the early 19th century so it’s got a Victorian feel to it wherever you view it from.

The good news about the collections here are mainly from the local area: textiles around Preston, a fashion exhibit and clothing from around Lancashire, and comics. So, there is a huge variety that will suit everyone’s taste in the family.

If you’re into art (and historic art) then they have a few collections that you can see too, so it’s never going to be a dull moment at the museum.

And people are always positive about their experiences.

So, there’s something that makes the whole service and experience great at the Harris Museum for people, which is also true of the best personal training company in Preston. Click here to learn more.

Some individuals have remarked that they always feel welcomed by the staff and that the displays are always interesting to view, and everything is kept up to date and clean.

The main aim of the museum is to tell you a story of the local Preston and Lancashire area through the different collections and exhibits as you venture through the building.

Ceramics (including porcelain) is a great start to your tour and some very rare pieces will be in display for you to see. Then, you enter the Preston gallery which is considered the “main event” of the place and offers some local history and excitement.

Whether you’re into medieval history or the by gone age of the industrial revolution (Lancashire was a massive cotton mill county) then this part offers you a stream of interesting objects and stories for your eyes to feast on.

Lots of people really enjoy the Elk skeleton collection here too, which brings about some interesting history about the local area.

As the museum has multiple floors, you’ll find that the historical collections and the art exhibits are on different floors.

There’s also a café too, so if you want to have a cup of tea or coffee while you’re there then you can. They don’t have a huge selection of cakes and sandwiches, but they do have some, so you can have some lunch there too if you wish.

So, if you’re in the centre of Preston or fancy stopping off here on your trip to somewhere else then the Harris Museum is close to all of the shop and the train station, is free, has exhibits/collections for everyone (even the children) and is free to enter.

The real question is: when are you going there?