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Healthy Meals

All meals are healthy, tasty & nutritious.

Experienced Chef

Made by a professional Executive Head Chef.

More Time

Free up time for things that you love.

Restaurant-Quality Meals

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating plain or bland food.

And… no one ever wants to eat boring food!

Mouthwatering meals that are ready to go and have been cooked and prepared by an experienced chef, which means the right balance of spices and flavours.

We also include the exact calories and macros for each meal, so you know exactly what you are eating.

Want lamb tagine but have no clue where to start or just haven’t got the time? We have the answer and all from just £4 per dish!

What You Get

We’ve designed the Masters meal prep service to be as easy as possible: order just one meal or all of your lunches and dinners for the week!

You’ll receive individual dishes packaged in separate containers, so you can eat them whenever you want.

The varied menu and helpful information about how much fat, protein, carbs, and calories are in each dish allow you to make the best choice for your healthy eating goals.

  • healthy
  • nutritious
  • delicious

Let Us Do The Hard Work

It can take hours to prepare, cook and serve a tasty lunch or dinner.

Our executive chef, Liam, will do all of the hard work for you.

He’s worked for years with some of the top names in the industry and has a vast amount of knowledge of different dishes from around the world.

You already have a workout schedule that is challenging enough.

There’s no need to take on the extra job of trying to create delicious meals without going over your calorie allowance.

So sit back, relax and let us deliver an abundance of flavours.

Remove the hassle in the kitchen

Healthy, delicious and packed full of nutrients

Frequently Asked Questions

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