What types of exercises can be done by people in the local Blackburn area

When you think about exercises what do you feel? Think as though you should be doing some, but not sure which ones will be the most effective?

Well, you live in Blackburn in the north west of England, so you’re not going to be going for a morning run down the beach anytime soon. And, low intensity steady state cardio (which running is) isn’t going to have a huge impact on the numbers on the scales if that’s what your goal is.

Doing LISS is good for your heart and your lungs: getting some extra capacity in them and ensuring you are increasing your cardiovascular activities. So, even something as walking around Witton Country Park will increase your heart rate and boost your cardio activity.

There are, however, other activities you can do that might be a little bit more enjoyable.



Now, if you have a membership at a local healthy club and they have a swimming pool then great. If they don’t then you’re still jn luck. Blackburn Sport and Leisure Centre on Feilden street is the answer. If you want a local pool for local people that isn’t going to cost a fortune then this is the place you should be going to.

It has a 25-metre pool, which is ample enough for doing some lengths back and forth. So, if you love the water then this place is definitely one of the places you should visit for some exercise.


Exercise Classes

There are lots of different exercise classes in the local Blackburn area. Most of these are either going to be in sports centres or as part of studio classes in gyms. You’ll also find that Blackburn personal trainers who help you lose weight might also have fitness classes on too.

Some of the popular ones for losing weight can be Zumba, circuit training, metafit and bootcamp. You want to try and find one that has quite a bit of resistance exercises in (like circuit training: where you use weights and sets rather than just straight cardio), as this type of fitness class will help you to shed the pounds much more quickly.


Going to a local Gym

Local gyms in Blackburn can be a great place to train and exercise, but it’s important that you know wat you’re doing so that you don’t injure yourself or pull a muscle. When you have a properly written fitness programme that is unique to your body and your fitness goals you’ll find it tough, but also enjoyable because you’ll be able to see the progress you’ve made on the scales.

Make sure that you’re doing plenty of strength and conditioning exercises though. So, going on the weight machines and picking up dumbbells and free weights is the best direction you want to be taking here. Not running on the treadmill, going on the bike or spending endless time on the rower.

If you’re interested in exercising and live in Blackburn then these are just some of the activities that you can be thinking about which can help you move your body to a place where you want it to look like when you see yourself in the mirror.