Where To Eat Healthy Food in Blackburn

Eating healthy food no matter where you live is of importance. Especially if you want your body to reward you by looking as good as you want it to.


The Organic Café (at The Sanctuary of Healing)

This place is known to serve great vegetarian food, but it does offer healthy food for meat eaters too. If you want some organic food that is free from preservatives and other nasty things then the Organic Café in Langho is for you.

Lots of people comment about how fresh ingredients are used and make the dishes much tastier than other places, as well as the wide selection on offer.

Apparently, their soups are pretty damn tasty and the sandwiches and salads that come with them make the whole meal a delight. Worth checking out if you’re over Langho way.


Café Northcote

This is in Cathedral Square in the centre of Blackburn and is part of the Northcote group of hospitality.

If you want a truly eventful lunch with some scrummy food from a quality café then you should visit here.

Being in the centre it’s easily accessible if you’re going shopping or have errands to run, or even if you’re meeting your friends or siblings.

The staff are friendly and, because it’s linked to Northcote, you can be sure that the quality of the healthy food that they serve is going to be to a high standard.


The Fig and The Olive

This coffee shop is family run and is on Shear Brow in Blackburn.

The menu is quite varied and has many of the great things we like to see: salads, lots of good proteins (steak, chicken, etc) and some of the not so great things: chips, sugary sauces etc.

But, sometimes it’s good to have some not so great stuff alongside some super great for your body stuff to balance things out. Everything is good when it’s in moderation, as they say.

People love the fact that lots of the food tastes home made and that even the burgers are full of flavours: which tells us the chefs here really want to make a great impression on your pallets.

If you’re looking for a cute little place for a healthy meal then this café should definitely make the short list. It’s got cute décor, great food and the staff are pleasant.

The main thing though is to be healthy, think healthy and stick to the good types of foods: natural, healthy fats, proteins and some carbs.

That’s what we tell all of our PT clients as the leading Blackburn personal training company in Lancashire. As long as you keep track of your food intake (and your calories) you’ll be able to have a cheat meal once in a while and still be able to keep on track with your health and fitness goals.

When you’re eating outside your home and you don’t have access to all of the wonderfully cooked and well balanced foods you have when you prepare the dishes yourself, it is important to check the menu and ask questions of the people who take your order. Just to be sure what goes into each dish.