Body Fat Reduction Programme

A Biosignature Practitioner can help you lose fat in those hard to reach places

Struggling to lose body fat?

Are you one of those people who, despite years of fitness training and dieting, still struggle to lose fat and get toned? Those bingo wings, big bum and fat hips need to disappear!

And that beer belly… seriously? It is not showing your rock-hard abs! Let’s put an end to it.

Have you been told, for years by so-called fitness professionals that you can’t spot reduce body fat?

Well, to a degree they may be right.

That is, unless you’ve seen the amazing results that can be achieved through Biosignature.

Biosignature Modulation is a revolutionary system used to target specific sites on your body to reduce them. This reason is that fat storage is not only “the way your body works”, but is also linked to your hormonal profile.

Why your hormones are key

Depending on what hormones you’re producing in excess, or even what you’re deficient in, you may struggle to reduce excess fat in many areas of your body.

Are you being strict in your regime of diet and regular exercise? You might still have body fat in all the wrong places, which is very annoying! So, how do we fix it?!

Hormonal imbalances are a key culprit.

Biosignature Modulation can help identify these and provide a clear path to improve the way your body looks and how you feel.

What hormones may be out of balance? Cortisol, insulin, sex hormones, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone and growth hormone.

Simple, non-invasive testing

We measure 12 different sites on your body to provide you with an overall analysis of your hormones and your overall body fat percentage.

This information is entered into the system and provides your hormonal profile, highlighting:

  • How to detoxify your body
  • Strategies to recover from injury
  • Fundamentals to support your immune system
  • Elements to reduce stress
  • Tips to improve sleep & energy levels
  • What exercises to include & their intensity

This is where the fun begins. You can expect to lose up to 1% of body fat a week. So, if you have a high 30% rating at the start, you could expect to lower it to a healthy 15% in as many weeks.*

During your assessment, we will also consider certain mineral deficiencies that may be affecting your health and your ability to achieve a sleek and sexy figure.

Let’s work together to banish that fat!

Discover what’s holding you back

What if you could analyse your body’s hormonal profile and identify the exact points holding you back from getting the body you truly want?

Why are you so tired in the afternoon, no matter how much coffee you drink?

Biosignature discovers the answers to faster fat loss and how your hormones may be affecting you.

We’ll identify:

  • What makes you tired all the time?
  • Why are you no longer interested in sex?
  • Why do you always have a big belly?
  • How do you get rid of those bingo wings?
  • Why do you have moobs?
  • How do you feel more confident when you look in the mirror?

The Science

In essence, we will identify the concentrations of hormones that are making you store excess fat by measuring the thickness of 12 skin fold spots on your body using calipers.

Fat storage in specific areas of your body is indicative of certain hormones being out of sync. For example, if you store a disproportionate amount of fat around your belly, this indicates your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are too high.

Once you’re aware of what hormones in your body are imbalanced, you can correct it by doing specific training, modifying training intensity, nutrition, and supplementation, and changing your lifestyle habits.

Each hormone supposedly has a corresponding fat storage site on your body.

How Biosignature can help

An overweight man? Your hormonal profile reveals higher cortisol levels and lower testosterone and resembles that of a fat woman.

An overweight woman? Your hormonal profile shows higher levels of estrogen (not the good kind), a lot worse than “not getting bulky!”

Quoting BioSignature creator, world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, “A single mineral deficiency can completely hinder your progress and ability to reduce fat”.

Our trainers will help you to understand which of your hormonal hotspots to target first. They’ll also monitor your targets and body fat readings to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

What clients say about us

Daniel assesses my bio-signature and placed me on a tailored protocol specific to my body requirements and I achieved a reduction of 3% body fat over a four week period.

Pauline Tarpey

After 6 weeks of training with him I was pain free. I was so impressed with him that I decided to carry on. With a combination of personal training and the new bio sig I have lost a total of 33lbs, going from a size 14 to a size 10.

Donna Mayman

The bio-sig, combined with the knowledge of the Personal Trainers, gives you a food, exercise and supplement programme tailored specifically to each individual, and that’s something you rarely find

Reyhana Sidat

Frequent Questions

You will meet with our BioSignature Modulation Practitioner who will take skin fold measurements at 12 sites on your body (you should wear loose fitting clothing).

These amounts are entered into the system which then produces an analysis about what hormones in your body are out of balance and which areas should be reduced first.

We will then advise you what actions to take, any foods that may have a positive impact on reducing the specific hormones causing a negative impact, and how hard and what type of exercises to add to your fitness programme.

From thousands of blood tests used alongside biosignature skin fold measurements, the system has been programmed to produce a report and analysis for the correct steps forward.

There is a correlation between the two that enables the software to work correctly and recommend the right path forward.

Lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and activity levels will all affect the length of time you will need to achieve significant results.

From our experience you should see and feel positive and noticeable changes within 12 weeks. However, most people see changes in as little as 7 days.*

Traditional spot reduction for fat doesn’t exist; you can’t have a “to do” list of where you want fat removed. The good news is we can help you reduce certain areas of your body that have more fat by measuring your whole body and creating a plan to reduce your body fat.

This will also influence how hard and how your fitness programme should be structured. For example, a biosignature analysis result of insulin would mean your training programme should be vastly different than if it showed a high cortisol outcome.

Have more questions? See our FAQ page here.

(*results may vary from person to person.)

Say GOODBYE to those wobbly bits!