Daily classes to help you keep fit

Group exercise incorporates fast moving cardio that will have your body toned in no time.
Our classes include Cardio Boxing, Circuit Training, Belly Blast and Total Toning.

You have a busy schedule, but you like the idea of getting (or keeping) fit in a group workout. Going to the gym on your own is fairly boring, isn’t it.

So, why not try our one of the fitness classes on offer?

We have a range of different classes available for you to choose, no matter what your current fitness levels.

If you want to get your heart pumping with a great weekly cardio workout then our box & burn class is ideal for you.

Working towards your fitness targets and having an energetic, enjoyable and productive lifestyle is what we want everyone to have here at Masters Fitness.

All of the classes are run by professionals in the fitness industry and take place in our personal training gym at Brockhall village (about 10 mins drive from Clitheroe).

So, it’s an ideal location if you live near Blackburn, Mellor, Salesbury, Whalley or elsewhere in the Ribble Valley.

Fitness Class Timetable

Circuit Training

This fitness class is a total body workout, including abdominal, core, cardio vascular, and strengthening exercises. Want to increase your metabolic rate – burn fat to feed your muscles, even when you’re sleeping? This class will help.

If you’re already going to the gym, but you want a class to help tighten parts of your body then this is the one for you. Unlike other classes, if you burn yourself out on one station halfway around the class then you can take a quick break and get back into training.

Cardio Boxing

Similar to body combat, our cardio boxing is a challenging workout.

It’s fast paced and will get you out of breath, and your heart pumping, in no time. Don’t let that put you off though, as taking this fitness class will help you trim down different parts of your body.

Cardio boxing will give you a full body workout and ensure that when you get home you’ll feel tired for bed.

Belly Blast

If you want to train all of your abdominal muscles (get your belly slim and trim) then our belly blast class is the one for you.

During this class you won’t just strengthen and work on your abs, you’ll be training and strengthening the whole of your core.

Why is this class important? Having a strong core will help you when you’re working out because you’ll be able to properly balance and feel strong and stable, which helps to increase the weight you’re working with and burn more fat.

Boot Camp

A military style fitness and circuit training class, you’ll be doing some exercises in this class that you probably won’t have done before and you might not have even heard about.

Tug-of-war, using a power sled, and running up the hill with a weight bag are all of the different things you’ll be doing – outside in the warmer months and inside when it’s cold.

Total Toning

If you want to tone and sculpt your body the way you want it then total toning is the class for you.

Similar to the popular Body Pump classes in the fitness industry, this workout will have you feeling some of the muscles in your body that you may not have known existed.

I truly energising class.


With a lot of stressors at the moment a yoga class will help to stretch muscles and clam the mind.

This class is important for someone who wants to bring more energy into their life by slowing things down and increase flexibility.

The gyms aren’t open right now, so injury prevention might not be on everyone’s mind. But, taking part in slow exercise movements, correct breathing patterns and meditation will help your body stay in the right place for when things become active again.

This is quite simply the best gym I have ever been to. It’s run by people who have a genuine interest in improvement.

Daniel, who owns it, has created a team of people who can inspire even the truly hopeless I know I am one of them. It’s the only place I have ever had consistent results from because it’s small the team actually know all their clients personally which is rare.


This is truly a fantastic gym! After being new to the area and wanting to find a new gym which can be daunting when you don’t know anyone I came to shapes and never felt more at home!

Not only are the facilities within the gym great there is such diversity within the classes and extra activities that are available to all its members that make this gym an exciting place to train.


Ready to take things to the next level?