Your own online personal trainer

Want to have a body that you’re proud of, but can’t find a local fitness trainer in your area?

No problem. We’re a team of experienced personal trainers who work with you on your individual fitness goals, over the internet using Skype.

Want workout sessions, a diet plan and advice tailored to you?

That’s where we can help: to motivate, to inform and to help you succeed.



Individual Coach

Work one-on-one with your personal fitness coach to track, improve and smash your fitness goals.
Your training plan will be altered along your journey.

Easy Access

Access a wide range of resources and information to provide you with the knowledge to make progressive changes in your health and well-being.
Your questions will always have answers.


Goal Orientated

You & your fitness coach will set goals together.
These will be achievable, but challenging: we want you to become the best you can be.


Walking down the beach on a hot summer’s day with the sand beneath your feet and the waves rolling in. You get that feeling “I’m rockin’ this body!”

Don’t feel that now? That’s okay, we’re here to help you change.

Are you serious about wanting to get the body you’ve always wanted and desired in life?

Then a Masters Fitness online coach is what you need: a workable plan that’s put into action to reach that vision you just had: relaxed, positive, and feeling good about your body.


Individual Support

You’re unique, so we treat you that way. No general advice here.


Here For You

Have a burning question that you need answered? We’re available.

Help You Set Goals

Whether you have a fitness schedule or not, we will help you create a plan that will have SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound) goals that you will reach.

Your exercise coach will develop goals based on your past experience, how much time you have and effort you can commit, and what end result you want in 3, 6 & 12 months time.

Think Bigger & Better

Doing ‘just enough’ isn’t going to help you. Yes, you’re not going to be a person who goes to the gym every day, but we’re here to help you improve your health and well-being.

That might mean adding one more set to your workout schedule or encouraging you to do more this session than you had planned.

Will it be tough?

Yes, but we’re only going to push you to your limits, not past them.

Being sore & achy is good. Being in pain is not.

Keep You on Track

We’re going to be talking to each other every week, so you’ll probably become good friends with your fitness professional, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let you eat donuts and miss your workouts.

Motivation (accountability) is most likely the key thing you want.

We’re here to not only help you plan, but to provide you with encouragement and motivate you to really work towards the body you always wanted.

Because, let’s face it, you really, really do want it. Don’t you?

Ready to make the best decision you've made this year?

Whatever your goals, we’re part of the solution

Frequent Traveller?

Travelling a lot means that your routine is unpredictable and you’re in different places. And who wants to go to that small, cramped hotel gym? Nope. Neither do we.

As long as you can make a Skype call then we’re only a phone call away.

No Suitable Trainers Around?

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe they’re ‘slimy’ or they’ve no experience with people like you.

You want to work with an individual who can provide unique advice and a bespoke fitness programme. We’re here.

Limited Time?

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”

We hear you.

You schedule when you want to workout and when you want to communicate on your healthy and well-being journey. If that’s at 5am then that’s how it will be.

Professional, qualified & experienced

You’ve got expectations and want to invest money in yourself, so it makes sense to hire a qualified professional who has significant experience. Whether that’s weight loss, getting ripped, or losing that baby fat.

We’re a team who have over 18 years’ experience in the health & fitness industry.

Motivation, determination & a definitive plan

“If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.”

A famous person once said that and it is soooo true.

We set a health and wellness plan, encourgae you to achieve it, nudge you back on track when needed, and motivate you to reach your ambitious (but realistic) goal.

A committed & reliable online fitness coach