The Masters Fitness Team

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Daniel Masters

C.H.E.K Practitioner Lv II

Having over 15 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge, I mainly help individuals who have back pain, want to drive their golf swing further or require a higher level master personal trainer with CHEK level experience.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Our certified personal trainers guide you through a speclialised programme that’s tailored to you.
If you want some motivation and guidance to achieve your fitness goals then hiring a fitness professional is the right choice.

I believe that fitness and well-being are of key importance to everyone, and as a mature individual I feel strongly that being fit and healthy should be a key goal no matter what age you are. I enjoy working with mature adults in a range of fitness activities, and I will help you achieve your fitness goals through training to improve your overall health and to strengthen and tone your body.

Personal, 1-to-1 Training
As a Personal Trainer and Holistic Therapist (Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki & Sports Masseuse), I believe that fitness and well-being are of prime importance to everyone. However, as a mature person myself I feel strongly that aging shouldn’t be a barrier to remaining fit and healthy (if you don’t use it, you lose it!).

Mature Adults
I enjoy working with mature adults either in class-based activities or working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. My focus is to ensure that you enjoy the training and can see and feel the benefits (mentally, physically and emotionally) to develop overall improvement: in fitness and stamina levels, overall body tone, and physical strength.

Aromatherapy massage incorporates the use of blended essential oils (designed specifically for the individual) which assist in the removal of toxins aiding pain and stress relief and promoting a wonderful sense of relaxation.

Our Own Dedicated Studio


We have a dedicated fitness training facility at Brockhall Village (in the Ribble Valley).

It’s 1,250 sq feet, which means it’s ample enough room for you and your trainer to work together and use the wide range of equipment.

You won’t be working out in a gym area either, so you can be confident that your personal training session will be professional, bespoke & interesting.

  • Workout during a private session in our very own fitness studio
  • Have a dedicated professional fitness coach
  • Work with the latest fitness equipment
  • Maximise your time
  • Feel amazing!

Work with one of our experienced fitness team