Personal Trainers Near Preston

Elite fitness coaches to help you get in shape

Men: Want to lose your belly?

Want to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle and have a six pack on your body, not in the fridge?

You may have played sports a few years ago, picked up an injury or two, and are now looking for a professional to help fix your low energy levels and sleepless nights (the coffee yo-yo cycle just has to stop).

A Masters PT will help you feel more energised and boost your testosterone in a matter of weeks.

You’ll feel stronger, sleep better and wake up feeling energised.

Women: Want to look fit in a bikini?

Want to lose weight, tone up and feel confident when you look in the mirror?

Maybe you’ve got a mum tum, low energy levels and want to look like you did before having kids.

It’s time to take that very next step with the help of a fitness professional who has experience and knowledge working with women to help them reach their fitness goals. Read some local women’s stories here.

Here’s to you looking fit in that bikini.

What We Offer

1-2-1 bespoke personal training for people who live in Preston. Why bespoke? Everyone is different and taking an individual approach to your fitness is the best way to reach your fitbody goals in the shortest possible time. So we’re a little different to a big box Preston gym (big chain ones), pure or Crossfit style.

We also help you with your diet, nutrition and food guidance. There are going to be some hiccups when is comes to making lifestyle changes and we’re there to help advise.

Have pain or an injury? Our C.H.E.K Practitioners can help develop a rehabilitation programme for a pain-free future.

We have a private personal training studio at Brockhall Village. It’s about a 5-minute drive from the A59 and about 10-15 minutes from Stanley House. We’re on the east side of Preston.

All of our Preston personal trainers are here to help you reach the body shape you’ve always wanted in life.

What clients say about us

I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been before and felt so confidant on holiday – all the work was defiantly work it, I wished I had done it years ago!


I have been training for couple of months now and I don’t dread ‘exercise’ like I use to. My friends say I am looking much healthier and fitter!


I highly recommend MPT as personal trainers. They are both extremely knowledgeable and great motivators. I’ve made the wise decision to train with them and in a matter of weeks the results speak for themselves.


Work with a local fitness coach

Individual Programmes

When you’re looking to hire a Preston fitness coach them treating you as an individual is important, and that’s just what we do at MastersPT.

We have a broad range of knowledge and expertise when it comes to helping people lose weight and toning up. If you’re looking for a team of experienced personal trainers in Preston then we might just be the fitness team for you.

Between us we have many years of experience working with all shapes and sizes and all types of fitness levels, so if you’re an experienced gym goer who just can’t seem to shift that extra bit of weight even through you’ve been training for ages then we can help.

If you’ve not been to the gym for a few months (or even a few years!) and you’ve decided that this is it, you want to burn that fat off your body and this is now the time to get things sorted.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

As part of our personal training service near Preston, we go through your choices around food and what’s in your diet. We want to ensure all of your hard work in the fitness studio isn’t squashed by making poor choices around what you eat.

This brings a much needed boost to your immune system, and helps to control weight loss and increase energy levels.

Proper nutrition is important. Lots of us want to head out into Preston at the weekend, whether that for a few drinks for friends or a meal with the family. Your PT will advise what shortcuts to take and what things to avoid so that you can make the best choices.

Our expert one-to-one fitness trainers are serious about helping you take charge of your health, fitness and nutrition.

What You’ll Experience

Want more energy, more confidence, nutritional advice and motivation to reach your goals? That’s what lots of people experience with MastersPT.*

The journey to a new you is going to be challenging. You’re making some big changes in your life after all. So, we’ll be there to encourage and help you to a happier future you: one you’re proud of when you look in the mirror.

(*Results vary from person to person and is not applicable to everyone.)

Where Are We Based?

Our fitness training facility is at Brockhall Village about a 5-minute drive from the A59.

Click here to read the directions to MPT.

Client success stories

Martin shares his story about why he chose MPT and why he still travels from his home in Preston

I’ve read about a lot of stuff online, but as soon as I spoke to the guys I understood how knowledgeable they were.
My family and friends have noticed how much slimmer and fitter I am now, and I didn’t expect that to happen so quickly!

Martin Bell

Bespoke personal training in Preston

How Masters PT Helps You

  • An individual fitness programme
  • See how you improve week on week
  • We monitor your fitness levels to ensure you’re moving to the body shape you want
  • Rehabilitation work built into your sessions to strengthen weaker areas
  • Guaranteed to make you feel more energised
  • A reliable, welcoming Preston health and fitness coach focused on you

The Results You Can Achieve*

  • Improved figure
  • Better shape
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lower body fat
  • Improved posture and muscle tone
  • Improved fitness
  • Increased energy to play with your children/ grandchildren
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved strength (both in the core and in superficial muscles)

Frequent Questions

At Brockhall Village (5 minutes from the A59 on the east side of Preston: this maps shows you where.) We’re in a beautiful part of the Ribble Valley that has a relaxed, quiet atmosphere. Around 5 minutes by car from Northcote Manor and the A59.

Our personal training clients come from Preston, Higher Walton, Salmesbury, Turner Green and Mellor.

You’ll see a positive improvement in your sleep, mood and energy levels in as little as 2-3 weeks, but that’s based on taking action from the advice and guidance your personal trainer gives you.

In two months, you’ll be feeling a lot happier about the shape of your body.

We’re a little bit different to other Preston personal trainers. We’ll see each other for two or more fitness sessions every week that take place in our private fitness studio in Ribchester, Preston.

These have variety and will push you, so you’ll always be moving forward.

Sometimes that’s why people come to see us because they have pain or an injury, or their muscles are simply too tight for a type of exercise.

Movement patterns and the ideal exercises for your body will be noted when you have your initial client assessment, so we’ll always be choosing the right ones.

Your exercise coach will generally check with you how a certain exercise and weight feels in order to analyse where you are and how much they can push you towards your goal.

Have more questions? See our FAQ page here.

Let’s get started on your fitbody goals