Gym Fails and how to avoid them

Gym fails are a duality, you see on one side they can be very funny and on the other they can be very dangerous. 


The funny thing is they all come from the same thing, lack of help. 


Common Gym Fails Solution


Ego lifting (You are lifting more than you should) You need a coach

Poor technique (you don’t know what you are doing) You need a coach

Lack of awareness (you start to use equipment without checking it) You need a coach

Above is a simple breakdown as the cause of most gym fails but like a said there can be a funny side to things, I’ve seen people step on treadmills whist they are currently moving and do a full on somersault and roll off the treadmill, the funnier side of that was it was actually Sa trainer that did that so he should have known better, FYI 1st rule of the treadmill is make sure its not running before you step on it.  


I’ve seen people lifting barbells and get stuck underneath the bar because they’ve been lifting too much and not had the spotting bars in place or a spotter to help them and found myself runny across the gym floor to help they before they injured themselves.


And I’ve seen people drop bars and weights on their legs and feet just because they weren’t paying attention. 


These days You-Tube is populated by hilarious and scary gym fails with the funny being people stripped by the belt on a treadmill or stuck upside down on inversion tables to the scary of knees and shoulders being torn or broken due to faulty technique or ego lifting. 


The truth of the matter however is that more gym fails can be avoided, falling back to my previous comment, “you need a coach” many peoples faux pars in the gym,m can be prevented by good coaching and good spotting and keeping the ego in check. 


The gym is an amazing place to workout, but its also full of heavy equipment which when used incorrectly can cause some serious injuries. 


So if you are reading this and you are new to the gym, get booked in with a coach, personal trainer or gym instructor to teach you how to use the equipment properly and do the exercises safely.

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