Life Fitness Cable Machine Exercises

A few days ago I did a series of different videos using the Life Fitness cable machine. If you’re interested in working all of the different parts of your body on this piece of gym equipment, but you’re just not sure of where to start then these handy videos will show you how.

There are a total of seven videos, so rest assured that if you want a full body workout from a cable machine then you’ll be able to see the different range of exercises you can do.

Just remember though, changing up your routine every 4-6 weeks or so is a good idea. So, exchanging cable workouts into your six-monthly training is a great option.


Chest & Upper Body


Training Your Back

More Back Exercises












There you have it.

If you’re in the gym and looking to keep the correct posture, position and alignment when using the cable machine then you can use some (or all) of these exercises.

And the great thing is that going back to a cable machine workout a few times a year will help to pattern interrupt your muscles and encourage your body not to adapt to your workout regime. That means a more effective workout regime for your body.

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