Sleep is more important than you probably realise

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Sleep is critical to weight loss and building a healthy body.

A good night’s sleep or bad night’s sleep can affect you in ways you wouldn’t even begin to realise.


Weight loss as an example

You’re trying to lose weight, but you’re struggling to keep on track with your diet. I was actually talking to a client just today about this.

Did you know that you’re more likely to crave carbs & sugary foods when you’ve had less sleep?

It’s quite simple really: we use sleep for repair and regeneration. After a good night’s sleep you have more energy, you think clearer and you get more done.

When you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, you crave energy food. Why?  Because you don’t have any energy so you’ll go after the thing that will give you quick energy: red bull, sugar or coffee. These things will get you going and give you a kick start.

Now if this is an isolated occasion, say once a month, then your body can take the hit. If it’s happening 2-3 times a week or more then the excess calories are going to add up quickly and your waist is going to start growing.

What also happens when you don’t get enough sleep is your body will be unable to produce more of the repair hormones that it normally makes, testosterone and growth hormone. You need these whether you’re a man or woman, and they help significantly with fat burning.

So, combined lack of energy burning hormones and an overabundance of calories from the wrong source (sugars) can lead to you piling on the pounds.

Then what happens is you’ll eat less healthy greens and meat through the day, which means when you finally get to bed at the end of a tiring day you struggle to produce the natural sleep hormones and the cycle starts over again.


Sleep more – feel better – lose weight and look great….naked

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