Say No to Moobs! 5 Tips to Banish Man Boobs

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Do you ever fear taking off your shirt in front of people?

Even those who love you for who you are and don’t really care about what your body looks like?

You remove your shirt at night and what you see makes you feel uncomfortable: it doesn’t really resemble a chest, but more like boobs!

Then, there are those times when your moobs (man boobs) bounce up and down when you are jogging up and down the stairs.

Moobs is a growing problem that’s becoming more common with a lot of men. An increasing number of guys suffer from something that isn’t just the embarrassment from gaining weight, and exercise alone won’t tackle it. So, if you think running will fix your problem… it won’t!

That doesn’t mean that exercise is bad for a man boobs issue, but your approach has to be more focused. You can’t simply do one thing to fix the problem. The good news is that once you fix the problem, it should be fixed for life.

What should you be doing?

Here are five tips:

1. Increase Your Zinc Levels

One thing that bio signature modulation has taught me is the importance of zinc and its ability to protect us from nasty things like xenoestrogens.

Xenoestrogens are basically oestrogen mimickers, and they’re responsible for a drop in testosterone (the male sex hormone) in men’s bodies.

So, if your chest looks more like a set of breasts and your sex drive is a little lower than it used to be, you should get your zinc levels tested (something we do during our Biosignature Modulation Analysis testing).

Zinc has also been proven to improve testosterone levels. So, think of it like a double-edged sword: not only does it protect you from the bad stuff, but it also increases the good stuff.

Now it can be hard to increase your zinc levels through diet alone because food is less nutritious than it used to be.

However, you should start eating the following foods that have higher zinc levels:

  • Spinach
  • Beef
  • Kidney beans
  • Flax seeds
  • Oysters

All of these are nutritious to eat.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Having too much plastic in your life (plastic bottles are full of xenoestrogens) is a problem. So, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water (preferably filtered). If you’re drinking bottled water, use a good source. Personally, I’m a big fan of Evian, both for the quality and taste of the water.

I also prefer this brand for the quality of the plastic bottle: the flimsier a bottle is, the (usually) higher in BPAs it is (BPAs contain a lot of xenoestrogens). Lower BPAs mean less estrogenic mimickers entering your body and doing less damage overall.

3. Do Weight Training

Start weight training. Take some advice when you’re starting, as there are a lot of right ways to do exercises, but also a lot more wrong ways! And the wrong ways can lead you to becoming injured.

Why weight training? Well, heavy lifting increases testosterone production and testosterone burns fat! Yes, weight training and not just cardio burns fat!

This will also typically increase your libido, as your sex drive is linked to testosterone.

Also, when I mention weight training, I’m not referring to a body pump class. You should be lifting enough weight to make your muscles fatigue quickly. The average body pump class includes 60 minutes of constant pumping with weights, which will lower your testosterone!

Just take a look at most body pump instructors.

4. Train Your Whole Body

Don’t just train your chest. You want to train your entire body. Again, it’s not that you don’t want to train the chest, but press ups every day isn’t going to fix the problem. All it will do is round your chest and make it look even flabbier.

Instead, your programme should improve your posture so that your chest looks better and your belly becomes thinner. Remember, your weight training programme should be designed to increase your testosterone levels; the bigger the muscle worked means the higher the testosterone level.

What does that mean? You should be training your legs by deadlifting or squatting. Just make sure you know how to squat correctly before increasing the amount of weight.

5. Do Interval Training

You need to burn some fat, but running (or doing another form of steady-state cardio) isn’t the best option. Interval training will be the most helpful because it burns more calories and speeds up your metabolism faster.

Also, feeling your moobs bouncing up and down isn’t good for your mental health or self-esteem. So, we want to boost that!

So, get on a spin bike, rowing machine or a SkiErg and hammer away for a few intervals.

If you want a good starting point, then you could try doing a Tabata set. This is basically 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, which is repeated 8 times. The first 4 cycles will be ok, but the last 4 should make you very fatigued.

Will the above fix all of your problems? No, but if you start to apply what’s been mentioned in this blog post you’ll notice a significant difference in your chest in no time!

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