Fat Loss

women doing glute extensions with barbells in a gym

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

People usually workout and go to the gym (or fitness classes) because they want to feel fitter and more confident about their body shape. If you want immediate results and to burn fat fast then you might be thinking a few workout cardio workout sessions a week is the answer. We’d argue against that thought.…

Is Cardio Effective for Fat Loss?

If you’ve taken part in any type of fitness, whether that’s going to your local gym in the Ribble Valley or heading with your friends to do some fitness classes, you’ve no doubt done some cardio. Lots of people believe (and have done for years) that cardio is one of the best forms of exercises…

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is super important for everyone. As humans, we need it to recharge and repair our bodies. It’s a vital time when the body doesn’t “sleep” but prepares the body for the next day’s activities by repairing muscles and transporting nutrients to ensure they’re in the right place for daytime. Sleep is also important for…

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