How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

It’s 2020! A new year! But, how to make sure that the New Year’s resolutions you make this year you’ll be sticking to them in a few weeks time? We all make resolutions, to get fitter, lose weight and get healthier! It’s the time when we all think about starting a fitness regime and decide…
man in the gym looking down at a weight disc and his training shoes

The Connection Between Exercise and Mental Health

Lots of people focus on exercise and going to a local gym near Longridge because they want to either lose weight (fat loss) or build muscle (bulk up). Working out is more than working your muscles, becoming tired and sculpting your new body shape though. Research shows that regular exercise lowers the negativity of mental…
picture of healthy fruits, vegetables and even meal

When is The Best Day to Start a Diet?

Diets. We’ve all done them. You might have tried, Atkins Paleo Vegan Low carb Ultra-low fat Intermittent fasting Cabbage soup Whatever one (or more) in the above list you’ve tried you’ve probably come “off the wagon” and potentially put back on any weight you’ve lost over the course of the diet. Realistically, this is because…

How To Eat Out and Still Change Your Body Shape

If you’re training in the gym, or doing any type of exercise, then you’re most likely tracking your calories in an effort to either lose weight to gain muscle (or both). Now, it’s important if you goal is fat loss then you need to be watching what you’re eating and ensure that the right amount…

Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is super important for everyone. As humans, we need it to recharge and repair our bodies. It’s a vital time when the body doesn’t “sleep” but prepares the body for the next day’s activities by repairing muscles and transporting nutrients to ensure they’re in the right place for daytime. Sleep is also important for…

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